FatBeeMan Make Queen Cells Part 2

Don continues his discussion of queen rearing, stressing his self help and home made equipment that works better than what you can buy most of the time.


jaecal90 says:

Lol if something aint broke it dont need fixin’ lol ahh imiss my papa

AnTerKru says:

Where are you located? Do you cell bees?

Destroying Angel says:

You rock, Don. I love you no-nonsense, DIY, straight-talk – I don’t see anywhere to donate – do I need to go to your website?

fineshooter says:

I grew up in the northern part . went to school in brunswick.

ThunderthePoodle says:

Wherabouts in Ohio are you from fella lots of good germans here. Thanks for learin on the cheap I love it .

fineshooter says:

I think there a waste of time there very hard to do any inspections on. and there is no re sale value to them.

Cinqmil says:

Hey Don,
What is your take on topbar hives? Is it worth it to build one to try it out?


fineshooter says:

any dowels work.just shape them on ends.

fineshooter says:

once there capped watch for thinning of end then place them in nuc’s.

sneakers0 says:

after the cells are capped, how long do you wait to put them in a queenless hive?

James Goldsberry Jr says:

after you wax the dowel and flatten the bottom and you have the wax the
way you like why not set in freezer for a few min then they should just pop off the dowel. I work with wax and dowels when I do my dowels working with gems this is the best way to remove the wax

minnesotahillbilly1 says:

thank you sir for all your hard work on your videos thank you for passing on your vast knowledge i appreciate you i am a new bee keeper(first year) you have helped me so much i hope to be able to send you a donation soon but for now Thank You God bless

fineshooter says:

I just soak them in water for a few minutes.

Mark Mason says:

Ive learned more from you and really like your common sense approach to beekeeping!
what do you use to coat the dows?

fineshooter says:

thanks for the good review> I try my best lol

Paul Rowland says:

Yeah, common sense and experience!! Fatbeeman been around a LONG time. And of course he’s a Georgia boy. But really all he says is from fact based experience. Been reading about him for years.

Justin Erikson says:

Thank you for sharing this information. Hope to see more videos in the future.

fineshooter says:

we are shooting more videos if you like them subscribe to channel and get up dates.Don

fineshooter says:

thanks for watching if you like click like and subscribe and get up date notices

fineshooter says:

we are going to make a series of learning videos. subscribe to get notices.

Jennifer Branch says:

Simply brilliant as always!

txfirefighter says:

You never let me down FBM! Thanks so much. See ya on the Beesource Chat.
I’m going to try and make my own queens this year just to practice.

rowdymoore007 says:


Jim Spielman says:

Great job Don, you are so generous with your vast knowledge!

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