Homemade Queen Marking Cage

Have you wanted to mark your queens but weren’t sure how to go about it? Or maybe you were scared you would hurt her. Well with this simple homemade device y…


Chandra Dasa says:

nice thank you.

Jason Chrisman says:

Thanks for the pointers. I have marked queens without marking cage. Just trying to help out other who haven’t.

rjones3nfamily says:

once you get enough practice holding them in your fingers. that’s simpler. just have to be sure to get two back legs and hold against her thorax and the legs too so she can’t turn. or else she will wring a leg off.

Jason Chrisman says:

That is one of the reasons it just makes it easier to find her. The other would be that different colors can be used for each year which down the road could tell you how old the queen is.

contreeman says:

ok I’m not that smart about bee’s why do you mark the queen besides being able to know where she is at?

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