K&Ds Honey Bees Beekeeper Interview

Kat and Dustin, Owners of K&D’s Honey Bees answer questions from an elementary class in Texas.


AgPilot10 says:

Nice job Kat and Dustin

FuddyDuddy99 says:

I sure wish you two would make alot more of your videos. So far, from what I have seen, you have the best graphics, and systematic explanations. Perhaps, you could make videos on 1) Bee Hive Construction 2) Bee Hive equipment making´╗┐ sure to explain what supers, nucs, hive bodies, frames, extractors, hive tools telescoping lids, sugar frames, etc are….You annotations sure do help we beginners to understand the essentials. we also need to know what is honey, pollen propulsis, wax, etc.

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