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mark pinchuk says:

wow my dad has 3 and one of his is 250 pounds

Robert Bell says:

Wow! 10,000 beekeepers in North Carolina? No wonder Brushy Mountain Bee Farm is located there! I buy a lot of equipment from Brushy Mountain - thank you!

xerr0n says:

50 o.O
dang in my country hobbyists can only have up to 15 hives, over that you must register as as self employed beekeeper.

عادل عزيز says:

nice job

kentichy says:

I like your frame holder. Where can I get one of those?

shadowsrwolf says:

but they help production and have medicle property

hanginoutwithu2 says:

The honey bee is the North Carolina insect. That is what was cut off at the end.

valstar1000 says:

that was a jest.

valstar1000 says:

One last thing, the honeybee is North Carolina.

samuils says:

Heard of Carniolans, never heard of North Carolinas

samuils says:

I just call them girls, much easier not to mistake and also very endearing

stevin47 says:

GMO seeds produce plants that produce poisons to kill insect pests, Bees gather pollon from those plants make honey for bee larva from that pollon = mass Bee die offs

keith1021000 says:

just start our 20 hives bees man,damn their working pretty good.

MELISSA84008 says:

” Blamed for Bee Collapse, Monsanto Buys Leading Bee Research Firm” readersupportednews(DOT)org/ne­ws-section2/312-16/11094-blame­d-for-bee-collapse-monsanto-bu­ys-leading-bee-research-firm

David Jastram says:

“He may go get water….” He may go get nectar….”

Male honeybees don’t collect water or nectar. The females do.



robo mantis says:

I was wondering the same myself. Turns out to be their state insect! haha!


North Carlina’s ……….. lol what is it?

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