Uncapping a Frame of Honey with a Cold Knife

Shane Gebauer (General Manager of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm) demonstrates how to uncap a frame of honey.


jgerke55 says:

cold knives actually suck

jamal6421 says:

plz watch wild honey hunting videos on utub just search as hazro honey part4

BrushyMtnBeeFarm says:

The wax and honey can be washed (get a stock pot specific for this) to remove the honey. You could set it out several hundred feet from the hive and the bees will clean it. You can boil the wax in water (about 2/3 water to 1/3 wax) and then let is slowly cool. The wax will float to the top and honey, water, and debris will be in the bottom. There is a free webinar in our resource section of our website which goes over this very question. I hope that helps.

TigersPrettyBunny says:

What happens to the wax and honey that you take off during the uncapping?

emailharold says:

Thanks for making this video.

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