Backwards Beekeepers TV: Hive War

Life isn’t always pretty in the world of beekeeping. Kirk Anderson (aka Kirkobeeo) finds a hive that has fought to the death after being attacked by robbers. He also shows how to recover and move on after this happens. By the way, these bees weren’t poisoned. I saw the attack taking place, but didn’t have a camera handy to document it. Video directed by Russell Bates. Find more at


LuMagazine says:

Why don’t bees fly at night?

tobigforyou says:

Queen Bee: “Give me a war.”

Evil bee: “That is what I do!”

antdude says:

Are there any videos of the actual bee fights? I only have seen Japanese wasps versus/vs. honey bees in documentaries, but not bees versus/vs. bees.

deadredeyes says:

You guys have some great taste in music! Hüsker Dü, Guided By Voices … I’d love to see what the other boxes are named. Back to the subject though, that’s one hell of an aftermath. Looks like every bee on both sides died. Scary.

cwelte says:

love the fact that you have Descendents, Hüsker Dü and Jam hive boxes.

virgildog1950 says:

Wow! That’s pretty intense; deserves more views.

–I came here from Boing Boing

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