Backwards Beekeepers TV: Principles and Strategies

Backwards Beekeepers guru Kirkobeeo (AKA Kirk Anderson) talks via Skype with Danielle, who is president of a beekeepers association in Birmingham, Alabama. They discuss principles of treatment-free beekeeping and strategies for getting people more informed about it.


samohtzoo says:

stepped on her toes didn’t you ….see it on her face.

organleroy says:

Uh, no, actually: we are definitely not into the vaccine-denial thing around here. More like the chemicals-and-antibiotics reduction thing. Vaccines save lives.

VaxFilms says:

Even those of us who don’t vaccinate always get ignorant comments thrown at us – such as that we are bad parents or that our kids are going to die. It’s all fearmongering and lies. I could go on-and-on about that topic, but I’m most-likely preaching to the choir here.

ThisnThatPackRat says:

Empirical based beekeeping. What a concept. Don’t just jump off the bridge because everyone is doing it!

Summer S says:

He’s trying one out for himself!! Usually, because he has so many hives all over LA, he uses all the same equipment (Langstroth mediums), but he’s been curious about the top bar hives, and has started one for himself! We’ll be discussing top bar hives at the Backwards Beekeepers meeting this November 20th. 🙂

oldrockketchup says:

His sensational interview, very educational, we are very thankful. We will not let the bees be exterminated and we will change the world for the better.

Glad you guys from Alabama, decided to interview Kirkobeeo. Learning more, we will not let pride of some exterminate the bees.

Jaybird289 says:

Kirko keeping spreading the good news

muthashipconxon says:

This is good info, and I’ve watched alot of his vids, but what does he think about the top bar hives?

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