Beekeeping For Beginners Honeycomb

Beekeeping for Beginners will show you how to start your own beehive. Beekeeping is a fun and exciting hobby that’s super cheap to start. Music by ronnieleeh…


SouthWestIron says:

Romans 1:20, awesome videos!

SouthWestIron says:

Proverbs 24:13 what an awesome gift from our Creator!

gardenman3 says:

How are you going to extract the honey?

DanielJosephTV says:

You lack so much knowledge & think you’re right… that’s ignorance, and I replied to something WS said. You provided 0 hard facts to prove your assertion, maybe parroting what your teachers told you was how you got an education, but real science is based in facts. You asserted Evolution is a fact, we all started from single cells and so forth… but you can not prove it, you can not recreate it, you cannot test it, & therefore it is NOT fact. I am extremely pro science, not pro JUNK science.

Alex M says:

ok and they should survive the winter? is that what most people do?

eatmorenachos says:

I don’t lump it all together and call it evolution—-I’m pointing out that evolution is supported by research in many other fields and is a basis of modern medicine. You’ve never discussed it while performing a procedure—-but those doing medical research certainly have.

I don’t know why you’ve taken a video about bees and turned into an anti-science platform, but someone had to counter your arguments.

eatmorenachos says:

tell that to him.

DanielJosephTV says:

You’re throwing, geology, biology, zoology, chemistry, and cellular biology into 1 form of science and calling it evolution. Also I work in a cardiac catherization lab… it’s cute how you assumed I don’t know anything about medicine. Medicine is an extremely specialized form of science and I can tell you that geological records have never been discussed in the labs; we deal in reality not fiction. Most of us are Christians or Muslims, there are very few atheists.

ProfessorScout says:

Please stop with the arguments on a video about BEEKEEPING. Talk about honey or something.

eatmorenachos says:

Evolution is based on facts that can be tested and proven. Modern biology and the development of new medicines, antibiotics and vaccines is based on the science of evolution.

You want to live in denial, that’s your choice obviously. Next time you go to the doctor, tell him you don’t need any tests, pills or shots—-you”ll settle for an old-fashioned blood letting instead.

DanielJosephTV says:

Finally your 1-3% DNA comment really did make me laugh, you have about a 50% DNA match to a banana. Everything on earth is made from similar elements, we can agree to that, but the arrangement of those elements as being random or designed is where we vary in opinion, you want to state un-proven facts & say your right, the truth is without HARD facts you’re just a religious as I am, my religion is based in history & on God, your religion is of theories men have not proven but say are real.

chad martin says:

I have no experience with the top bar hives, and am having trouble understanding the benefits Vs a Langstroth type hive. How will you exclude the queen from the combs you want to harvest?

I am not a huge fan of using boiled linseed oil anymore. Most boiled linseed oils are full of dryers and heavy metals and various other things I wouldn’t want to eat, or get in my honey. I’d recommend you look into the Tried & True brand of oil finishes. They’re the only oil finishes I use anymore.

DanielJosephTV says:

Modern medicine is based on facts that can be tested & proven, the theory of evolution never cured ANY disease.
Also, you mean the same carbon dating that showed LIVING penguins died 8,000 years ago or that 2 samples of bone from an Allosaurus dinosaur fossil said part of it was 9,000 years old while other sections tested to 16,000 years old and scientists agreed the sample was actually 140,000,000 years old… yes please go on stating the merits carbon dating.

davezak says:

thanks for another great video 🙂 can’t wait for the day I can start my own.

Samuel Rios says:

Really nice video! Have you thought about putting windows on the end caps? I know nothing about bee keeping, just a thought.

usbrotherhood11b says:

God’s creation never ceases to amaze me! How freakin cool!

scooter17568 says:

I can’t accept chance either; it’s a grand design indeed.

KokuaStrykerJ says:

Hello Wrangerstar, I was watching your Beekeeping video’s and was wondering what kind of spring / summer / autumn flowering plants do you have around the homestead for the bees to feed on?

eatmorenachos says:

How has evolution benefited you? Oh, let me count the ways. Your ability to fight many diseases comes from the robust DNA of neanderthals from when they mingled with cro-magnons—among modern humans 1-3% of their DNA comes from neanderthals, depending on what part of the world your more immediate ancestors came from.

Those who survived the bubonic plague in Europe did so because of a genetic mutation—which scientists are discovering as a possible way of combating AIDS.

eatmorenachos says:

There is plenty of evidence in fossils and DNA. They’ve extracted DNA from the bones of Neanderthals and discovered that among modern humans, 1-3% of their DNA came from Neanderthals.

Modern biology and medicine is based on a belief in evolution and how organisms change and mutate over time.

The age of fossils isn’t “guessed” at, it can be scientifically proven thanks to the precise breakdown of carbon.

Aaron Placke says:

next vid. jacking up and fixing sag in barn roof!

Colin Herbert says:

PLEASE read a little more about how evolution works. People keep repeating that this all happens by chance… PLEASE stop repeating that as no biologist has ever said that is how it works, it doesn’t! I don’t want to start a debate but just to say in a VERY GENUINE way that you are not understanding what is proposed by those who believe in evolution by natural selection. Once you understand the way it works… then if you want to disagree then that’s fine, but please understand first.

Jim Bohley says:

Wow people will find anywhere to argue with each other. I see that you put the suit back on for this one. I think its a good idea when pulling the bars out like that. One mistake and you instantly have a lot of upset bees. Keep em coming.

Farmingforfreedom says:

Hi cody! You probably already know this but thought it might help. When you are working with the top bars in you hive you need to keep them pretty much vertical due to the fact that they get very heavy when full of honey, and if you try to put the top bar in a horizontal plain the comb stands a good chance of braking away from the top bar. like i said you probably already know this but thought it might save you or some of your viewers some headache. Thanks for the video!

DanielJosephTV says:

very true!

startwiththeballs says:

They look great Cody, nice one

Candace Pearson says:

Hive is lookin’ awesome!! At what point, or will there BE a point, where you’ll need to add more frames? Seems like they’re building out on the last one. With this type of hive, do you add frames or just harvest the ones they’ve built? Will you be needing to do a “split” by summer’s end? Congrats on your success with the hive. Its a pleasure to watch it’s progress.

Mark Allen says:

Well said.

Handy Talky says:

Beautiful bees and videos W, The poster ( ytgv3fc7) should not be silenced as spam. He or she had some good things to say…

The Productive Garden says:

Your hive looks to be be doing really well Cody.
One thing I would suggest is that it is normal practice to start inspections from one end of the hive, usually from the end furthest from the brood. This is so that you are starting at the end where the bees arent so concerned about the inside condition and can make a bit of room before you get to the important brood comb.
Loving the videos Cody 🙂

mark a. coffeen says:

I have been following your beehive project and find it so interesting! It is amazing to watch and learn along with you. I have allways wanted to have a beehive and now am just that much more interested. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and keeping things real. Good luck and God bless

Aetherfax says:

Not sure why all your comments have been flagged for spam, ytgv3fc7, as none of them appear to be.

Please, people, let’s not silence those whose viewpoints conflict with our own!

Nosh Eeples says:


moviesfromjeroen says:

good bees 

salmojack says:

Best is not to use anything inside the hive as everything will have an effect on the bees

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