Beekeeping For Beginners Introducing Queen

Have you always wanted to keep bees? Thanks to YouTube anyone can learn how to become a beekeeper. Today Wranglerstar will verify if the Queen has escaped fr…


Tina Chatary says:

My hubby & I are going to have a beehive for next year. We decided this because of 3 things.. we have no bees pollinating our backyard garden this year ( we don’t know why) We have a hard time just locating a bee in the yard. Mike has a lot of sinus allergies and we were told he should take in some local honey and we both would enjoy having our own honey. I found your beehive videos wonderfully informative.We don’t know which kind hive we would want to have.Made us wish we were back in Montana.

Sridfel says:

So , well first at all , greetings from a german beekeeper , what about a smoker and maybe a short information , try to wear white clothes , because bees will don’t be aggressive . Bees think , if you wear dark clothes , that you’re a bear , who wants to steal their honey , but if you wear white clothes they think you’re neutral .

bumjim2000 says:

Fantastic, watched the whole build series. Hope your hive last for many years.

Elliot Borge says:

show a video of harvesting the honey!

paulwastaken says:

thanks for sharing this information. I’m hoping to keep bees, and these types of informational videos are great!

HarleySeller says:

My grandfather almost never wore a bee suit or hat & had 80 hives. He would get stung a few times, but never seemed to pay it any mind. I think he wanted to make sure we kids learned that we shouldn’t fear bees. He taught us early to remove the stinger by scraping it with a knife or fingernail to keep from crushing the venom sack & causing yourself a greater problem. He would sometimes plant his open pasture with clover & that was the best honey. Thanks for bringing back these memories!

07arctictundra says:

If anyone is interested in homesteading I have 100 acres up in North Idaho that I would like to split off 20 acres or so to a nice family or individual who understands preparing and has a homesteaders mindset. The 20 acres would have plenty of year round creekfront fed from nearby springs that are cold and clear. The property has plenty of trees and LOTS of wildlife. The land is just secluded enough to be off the path but close enough to civilization so you don’t go insane. $2,000 per acre.

thesimpleprepper says:

My dad raised bees as I was growing up and I always heard that you shouldn’t get into the hive if you could help it if it was below 60 degrees F. Do you have a smoker? A bee smoker is a really good tool. Kinda calms them down if they get excited.

FlintMich says:

This is an amazing series.
Thank you for sharing this information.
How can anyone look at bees and think that “this just happened” ?
Bees are just one example of how awesome and wonderful our Creator is.
Thanks again for bringing us along on this new adventure.

jrmym2 says:

When a hive splits in two, the old queen leaves with new workers while a new queen stays with the old workers IIRC.

crispyglove says:

“Let’s try that again” – famous last words.

Thomas David says:

Hopefully i can move one day and do all of these things

DoesEqualityExist says:

Looks like a success. Congratulations.

ChristopherWalkenPUA says:


rusty10162 says:

Cody after watching start on this endeavor it has inspired me to look in to it further into bee keeping. I have been watching many video’s on top bar hives and my 6 year old grand daughter has been watching with me and asked are we going to do this? I have told her I will get all the things we need and start next spring. Thank you for giving me one more thing to share with my grand children, and yes she will be helping to build our first hive.

startwiththeballs says:

Pretty amazing

gardenman3 says:

you may have answered this before. Why did you choose this type of hive? What is this type of hive called.

LogHome4Me says:

You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

Pete Jackson says:

Might be time for a Bee Smoker. The smoke will calm them down and allow for easier handling.

squidskunk says:


jeffreylane7 says:

Amazed at how fast they are building the comb. Excellent series.

Jadah J. says:

Those bees are working really fast….  Good job

jim dandy says:

I really enjoy the bee keeping videos.I think we need to increase the awareness of the plight of honey bees.Some people and corporations just don’t seem to care about our natural finite resources.You are doing an excellent job getting this word out,Thank You.

southernkiwiz says:

Inbreeding always occurs in a beehive as the queen mates with the drones which are her offspring. This is not a concern as far as i know.

Rodney Johnson says:

I saw another remove the tape and put a small piece of marshmellow in the hole for the queen easier for the worker to get to the queen.

Ben Hodge says:

I like all of your videos but this series is particularly cool.

Roca89 says:

awesome Cody, thank you for sharing

William Todd says:

This is really an interesting video series, thanks.

shartne says:

Wow that is so cool they are making combs already that was fast. I love this bee keeping. How do they know to make a comb on each bar separately? Just like you wanted I suppose?

mysciencenow says:

they would appreciate a flower garden nearby

TheSoloAsylum says:

no bees for me, any more than two stings and I need a doctor…..

Wood Zulu says:

How much honey will your one hive produce in a month or year?

RobbieGTV says:

Will you be swapping the queen every so often? I heard somewhere that sometimes an Africanized queen can get swapped out without you knowing it and what the experts say to do is swap a new queen in on your own every so often from a known European pedigree?

non yobussiness says:

no, never do that. These are a eusocial animal/ super organism in which kin selection is a driving force. Basically the female daughters are related to the queen so it is in their best interest to stay and work. Look up Hamilton’s rule and kin selection, theory of evolution and possibly game theory to gain a deep understanding of what is going on here.

brianpburch says:

this is so amazing Cody…just demonstrates how amazing God truly is and that in seeing this wonder my heart opens all the more to Him as our provider…as our Father. God bless brother 🙂

mattpkp says:

Bee population has been in massive decline due to the insane levels of pesticides in use today.

mattpkp says:

Why are the frames so close together?

griffinsheba1963 says:

LOL! Love when you leave the blooper parts in….It help me know I’m not the only one who messes up now and then. That was awesome when you stuck the camera in and revealed the inside. I never imagined they would work that fast! Wont be long till you fill the entire thing up. Thanks Cody for sharing!

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