Beekeeping For Beginners pt3

Building a top bar bee have is a simple DIY project almost anyone can do for under $50. I’m excited about bee keeping. Not only will the bees help to pollina…


sj65gia says:

very nice video! your series of beehive building is intensive and complete! however I would have opted for a copper roof near the food supply. I know there isn’t much chance of exposure do to the lead, but safer is always better. and a green copper roof would look very Nice!

tonkmonster says:

sturdiest/nicest beehive ever built!


Lead roofs are also the most attractive roofs, easily outshining copper, zinc, alli ect. Visit my web site at EWN Leadwork specialists, go to the gallery and you’ll see many roofs/Leadworks we have completed over the years, believe me there is no substitute to lead, it has weathered roofs in England for literally thousands of years!!


This is a message to Konely king, What fuck are your talking about?? I own a successful lead roofing company in London England ( EWN Leadwork Specialists ltd) and I have been working with lead for 14 years and the only way it’s harmful is if you don’t wear gloves when working with it or a mask when welding it. It is 99.09 percent recyclable and is without doubt the best roofing method known to man, Fact. Lead rooms

Beyond Mortis says:

great video, my neighbor built one just like it and about 2 weeks ago put his bees in, its neat to go and see the hive working, they do seem to stop on the landing strip.

Rich Mountains says:

Actually, What your doing with the roof/lead is called Tinning. You have done a wonderful job for your first time. I have Tinned houses for 51 years and am now retiring from it. Look for a old Palmer hot pot and ladle, Ive seen them on ebay for 20 dollars. That would be a perfect size for you and keep you from having to torch flow.
Good Luck ! and happy Beekeeping !

dpeagles says:

Only if you eat it or drink eat. Just have to wash your hands before you eat.

e1casper says:

all I can say is I enjoy your videos and have learned alot from them keep up the great vids

TheRoflbbq says:

The best part about having your own source of organic honey? Mead!

Konely King says:

>>Aluminum is dangerous too! Almost as bad as lead.<< Can you EXPLAIN? Aluminum is still used in some cooking pots, never lead since man walked on earth.

Andre Gross says:

Aluminum is dangerous too! Almost as bad as lead.
Its on the OUTSIDE of the bee hive. not the inside.

Konely King says:

Lead shouldn’t be used in this day and age anymore.

If you want to use a cheap metal which is safe then my Joice would be aluminum flashing, but cedar shakes would be my first Joice.

Konely King says:

Yeah…I’ve been saying, lead shouldn’t be used in this day and age anymore.
Lead with rain, snow can leach harmful toxic chemicals. Working with it, like you did without gloves can absorb into skin and….don’t want to know what might result, hopefully nothing.

Jiu Xianghou says:

Isn’t lead poison when you touch it?

Andre Gross says:

Dont weld lead. Solder it. It’s a lot easier.
solder it just like a copper pipe, just dont heat it up as much, or it will melt. And use pure lead for solder and a lead alloy for the roof. So the solder melts before the roof does.

Andre Gross says:

Lead $.70 a pound.
Copper $ 7.00 a pound.
And lead is easier to work with.

Andre Gross says:

Repels water, absorbs heavy hail and ice showers, and it looks cool.

gatorb0mb says:

you can’t hunt waterfowl with it because excessive lead in bodies of water can be dangerous


You never explained WHY it makes the “ultimate roof” Just that it looks cool.. What is the purpose? That would probably save a lot of questions from your audience.

Konely King says:

Great job but lead shouldn’t be used in this day and age anymore! Lead is not used much in Germany, ..most now is copper.

Lead with water, rain, snow can leach harmful toxic chemicals,..working with it like you without gloves can absorb into skin and….

My Joice of metal would be aluminum flashing, easy to bend,..but, I would have used cedar shakes.

Ross Stillwell says:

I think copper looks hideous lol but.. to each his own.

Tubemutten says:

Very skillful use of lead for the roof. Fun to watch. Good learning experience. Curious how lead transmits/magnifies heat from direct sunlight. Probably good for colder climate hives. Possibly too much heat transfer for down here. I’ll stick with wood and paint. Good video though.

Essex Leadwork says:

I agree, please check out the video on my page – we are lead roofing specialists in England. Nice job bTw

GOTTshua says:

Won’t the lead roof get hot in the sun and cook the bees?

Brandy brancourt says:

yep last time i looked they where just lead in a copper jacket and you and ur bees are not licking the lead so u should be fine lol

civilianmedic says:

I have never seen that cool video brother.

Btines01 says:

Well top bar hives aren’t really designed for honey collection any way so a lead roof wouldn’t be any more or less dangerous than any other conventional roofing material. Like ObiWanSinobi said the lead is on the outside and the bees are, well, inside. Any way Bee keeping is a wonderful form of animal husbandry that is far too often overlooked, its good to see another person start the wonderful hobby of keeping bees. Good on ya Cody, keep up the good work.

squidskunk says:

@ Archane Tinker
i believe you have posted the most inaccurate and incompetent response to this video. you are incorrect in your assumption on the safety of lead…you’re showing your dumb Ass-ary.
…ignorance is a motherfucker.

Quietwoods2 says:

I’ve used copper, it’s great. I’ve seen led on metal buildings mainly used to seal in iron vent pipes to make them leak free.

Quietwoods2 says:

Nice job on the bee hive roof Cody. I can send you a pic of my old kerosene torch with the copper tipped soldering iron if you like. The old violin maker used it to bend thin maple sides for his fiddles. I seem to collect dead men’s tools, which make me think of them, and some are still useful to projects at hand.

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