Beekeeping For Beginners pt4

We made our own Bee Hive Frames for our Top Bar hive. Building a top bar bee have is a simple DIY project almost anyone can do for under $50. I’m excited abo…


MrMustache x says:

Love your videos! So is i love the song you used here:D evanescene – my immortal acoustic:P wau greetings from Europe!

gthree0239 says:

Love that song you have playing in the background. The lead roof was pretty awesome too. Love the dormer.

banq0o says:

respect! 😎

PaladinPrepper says:

Cody, by adding the round ‘pull’ on each top bar, now you will not be able to lay the top bars of comb upside-down on the hive, or have two or three lined up there on top of the hive while you’re inspecting. Having the pulls in the way… you’re forced to put each bar of comb back into the hive before lifting another to inspect it. I suspect, after you’ve inspected your hive a time or two, looking at several several combs, you’ll want to remove those round pulls.

PaladinPrepper says:

Yes, I very much agree. I would never allow foundation in my Top Bar hive. The pre-sized cells defeat one of the key purposes of having a Top Bar hive. Fortunately, in this case, only a small strip of foundation was used, even seeing that much is a bit troubling.

Barb Chester says:

Great video, and the music (My Immortal) is great too!

Jeroen Broekhuizen says:

Evanescence – My Immortal ? Only then a guitar only version 🙂

MadeNewInChrist says:

What song is this? I remember it but I cant place it for the life of me.

Aaron Quigley says:

can’t wait to see how the bees like it

residentzombie says:

Fresh honey and use the bee’s wax to make homemade soap or candles. I would suggest buying a bee keeper mask and fogger however.

Micha Boll says:

Penn State Extension has an online Beekeeping 101 course for $129.

John Galt says:

Strange song choice for this type of video. ;p

Rxist Prepps says:

home made beehive?
acoustic evanescance?
there are not enough “like”s or “thumbs up”s in the world for this vid.

MrDan27611 says:

I was thinking the same thing, although I like how Cody was able to simply run a kerf down the bar and put in a piece of foundation. Simple compared to the compound cut I used on my bars. When he cuts out for harvest, he just won’t need to redo the foundation. The bees will rebuild from the remnants of the cutout so the next time it’ll be even easier.

justgonnastay says:

I have a daughter that is maybe a little older than Jack, and I love the videos of you and he working together. I try to do the same with my kiddo. If she can’t directly help me, I’ll give her a hammer and nails or a saw and some scrap so she can play around and learn. When we go camping, she helps split the kindling and she can build and light the fire on her own now. It’s so awesome teaching them, isn’t it?

ziongrovehunting says:

Sungha Jung

wranglerstar says:

I lived in Florida for a year. Florida is hot. I didn’t care for the fire ants…

wranglerstar says:

LOL I had forgotten that one.

wranglerstar says:

I’m sorry I don’t know him.

wranglerstar says:

I can’t reveal all my secrets….

wranglerstar says:

LOL we don’t have any griz here. I have a bee jacket gloves and hood ready on the stand by.

wranglerstar says:

Yes I have read of people doing this. Thank’s for the tip.

wranglerstar says:

I agree. I think more and more people are becoming aware of the fun keeping bees can be…

Kepausis123 says:

Nice video Cody, perhaps your best series yet. I went to bee keeping school in Soviet Union during communist times. In my home country, many country people raised bees in their backyard using top bar hives. It was a almost a staple in every backyard. If you had bees and honey, you had very good trade item. Here in America, I surprise more people do not raise bees. They are a delightful little friends to have around and good pollination in garden.

flamedrag18 says:

from what I’ve seen with more research, it seems that you can have issues with bees building on the sides of the box, making “bridge comb” connecting the comb of the frame to the box. this can lead to broken comb and disarray in a hive if the keeper isn’t delicate with it. the best example I seen of this is from OutOfaBlueSky’s channel, check out some of his inspection videos and you’ll see what I mean.

Joshua Hankins says:

A little FYI Cody if you plan to do anymore top bar hives collect the political signs after an election the plastic corrugated stuff. You can cut them and use as starter strips. In a pinch popsicle sticks work great for starter strips too. Yes I know it’s being tight but you don’t always have foundation laying around to use when you need it.

Joshua Hankins says:

Bee space stops them from connecting it to the sides. The reason for frames being wood or plastic on all four sides in a langstroth hive is because the frames are made to go in an extractor. With a top bar hive you crush and strain your honey.

nerailbird says:

Now you need to get a bee outfit, so you wount get stung. Is anyone in the family alluregic to bee stings? A smoker of some sort to calm the bee’s. Then there’s O’l Artemus….(aka) Griz. He can smell Honey a long way off.

CJLeTeff says:

Great job Jack!

ziongrovehunting says:

what is the name of the song in this video…… I know it and it is driving me crazy!!!!!


Hey cody, check out Chris Penn you tube ch , he is nearing you area looking for gas money to get to alaska, put him to work, teach him some pioneering knowhow if you two can work something out

wranglerstar says:

I’ll be happy to test your prototype :)

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