Beekeeping; From A to Bee, a diary of a first year beekeeper

This is a quick synopsis of my book; From A to Bee. It is a diary account of my first year of beekeeping and has been published by Summersdale. It is a light…


James Dearsley says:

Hey Andrew, thanks for that, really appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the read. It was certainly fun writing it (on reflection!)

Andrew Brown says:

Great book James, just started reading it. I have just taken over some old hives that need repairing, no bees yet plan to get them next year. Thats were books like yours help introduce the new beekeeper, but also a great read for anyone.

Megahs2010 says:

Look forward to more videos

James Dearsley says:

Thank you so much. Will be a bit of a mixture now but glad you liked my beekeeping videos. Hope you enjoyed the book…..

1stBumbleBeeMaster says:

Just subbed and now waiting for my book to arrive. It sounds and interesting read. Will post a review on here once I receive it. After I have read it of course 🙂
Great Channel and nice videos!

1stBumbleBeeMaster says:

Hey James, as a Bee Keeper my self I can certainly relate to nearly every thing you say. I have kept Bees on and off since I was a child for 30 years or there abouts. I keep and breed Bumble Bees and Honey Bees and one one of the very first people in the UK to successfully Breed White Tail and Red Tail Bumble Bees and as far as I know the only one that breeds Carder Bumble Bees. All that I learned was from studying the Bees them selves and Bee Keepers.


Brilliant!! I LOVE YOU

James Dearsley says:

Good luck Megahs2010….remember the golden rule of 3ft or 3 miles and you will be fine.

Megahs2010 says:

Thanks for the video – trying to move my beehives from my back garden to pasture land, not sure if it’s going to work!!??

James Dearsley says:

Great, I will look for that…….thanks for the feedback……love the fact that your first swarm collection was from a underground line

Stephen Stubbs says:

hi, have enjoyed your clips, althought I was going to take the beahaus route, I eventually went for home made top bar hives, more natural for the bee’s, but less honey, but like yourself, don’t want to gorge myself with honey anyway, also Im not a big drinker, but am giving mead making a go, my first attempt, if you click on my name, theres a short clip or two of me collecting my first ever swarm from the tracks of a london underground station…

James Dearsley says:

Thank you so much Linda……really appreciated….lets hope we can help these bees out……they certainly need it don’t they….

Linda Larson says:

I cannot wait to read this book, I don’t keep bees, but love all things to do with nature and I garden for the benefit of bees and butterflies – so I am sure this will be fascinating. Wish you loads of luck as you try to carry on with this valuable task – many don’t realise how valuable bees are to us and how in jeopardy they are. I can’t wait for the US release so have pre-ordered from the UK.

James Dearsley says:

Hey Trevor, thanks for the comment, really appreciated…..I hope you like it….

TheCochdraig says:

Hi James
Nice video,if the book is half as good you have a winner!
I am looking forward to reading “From A to Bee”.
Best Wishes
Trevor (Cochdraig)

James Dearsley says:

Thanks for the positive feedback……really hope you like the book….

mikeyp1961 says:

Looking forward to my copy of the book dropping through the letterbox!

Super1builder says:

Sounds like a fascinating well written account of your first year. Great job!

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