Beekeeping Tips and Tricks for the Outyard Here are some tips that may make your trip to your beekeeping outyard more pleasant, safer, and easier. Tile for Smoker Pic…


PaladinPrepper says:

Thanks for another informative video.

JonPlotinus says:

The shirt from 3:25 to 4:41 is awesome!!!
“Save the Bees
Save the World”

Denis kaiyumi says:

I´m a Beekeeper here in Brazil and I just bought a Nicot queen rearing system. And would like to know if you ever used it ?
Like your videos
Thanks for posting

onemouse1 says:

I really like you’re approach on teaching folks beekeeping. Keep it going!

OutOfaBlueSky says:

Yea, I normally do. This time you can tell I didn’t!

Cheguebuddha says:

Chicken feeder/waterer doesnt work well in my case. Each time it would release some sugar syrup into the trey it would suck some air through the one opening. All bees at that opening would be sucked into the feeder drowning. I found 50-60 dead bees in the feeder that day. I only use the inverted jar feeder as shown in this video. I do place my 1 litres jars into the top bar hives behind the follower board and it works great

Stephen Stubbs says:

check out my videos, you can use a jar feeder in/on a top bar hive, I use wine corks to close up entrance holes

TheHacky49 says:

The uk is pretty cool 🙂

Chris Scott says:

Great tips 🙂 You could do with some volume normalisation between edits though as there was quite a bit of variation, needing adjustment of my controls.

DixieGirl9876 says:

Cool stuff!Will be trying the pickle jar deal,have plenty of those lying around.It’s been a v-e-r-y hot summer,here’s hoping fall will be cooler.

baddogonline says:

Interesting tips. I like it… :)

Finrod Felegund says:

“whoa”, sorry if this offends you but. its keanu reeves holy gee!

texasprepper2 says:

I feel for you dude… it IS hot here in TX… but who wants to live anywhere else…?

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