Beginner Beekeeping – Installing a Nuc Blog Post – Installing our first Nuc of bees into our first hive! What an adventure!


100Bizkit says:

Thanks for posting this, I found it helpful.

ThisnThatPackRat says:

Good way to get stung in the ankles. They will sting right through socks.

calrow99 says:

Ive use the “Grease Monkey Pro Cleaning Long Cuff PVC Coated Gloves” Home Depot ($5). Can you sting proof and washable compared to the leather gloves… big waste of money.. good luck with your hobby…

samohtzoo says:

didn’t i see you on gilmore girls??? if you talk very fast you could be her.

JC1021702 says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see an entrance reducer…it’s a must when starting a new hive, it helps the bees defend the hive from invaders and honey robbers by reducing the entrance to a small gap so they only have to defend a small space.

Sheryl Maiorano says:

FYI … I used the kitchen gloves when I cut a hive out of a tub in my yard, and my bees were africanized… I received many many stings on my hands thru those gloves. I have since started using nitrile gloves doubled for extra good measure and have not had my hands stung since.

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