Feeding My Bees

My chicken feeder was not working for me so I found this great design on Youtube from Mr OJ Blount. www.youtube.com This seems to be working great so far and much easier to switch over the sugar water.


MrRazorsReviews says:

Not sure yet, but the top bar was fun to build. I will have it full next spring.

hollier002 says:

Thanks for sharing…do you prefer the standard hive or the top bar?

MrRazorsReviews says:

I have never seen that being used in any of the bee books I have read. I think it might be a issue of bees vs. birds, and might not be the right type of nutrients.

Dick Lewis says:

Question: Has anyone every tried Humming Bird Food? IE the Red kind that you buy at Walmart, to feed bees. It is supposed to have nutrients etc. Would be interesting, with your 4 jar set up to see which one the bees preferred. Just a thought.

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