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http://GardenFork.TV Honeybee Sugar Cake recipe for winter feeding. Watch our Winter Feeding Beekeeping video that shows how to feed your bees in winter usin…


MzClementine says:

Thank you so much on the tips! My husbands father was an etymologist and my son has his love of insects, I am so thankful for the availability of You Tube. Being able to talk learn and ask questions what a blessing. I want to make sure they are well fed and happy. Question?? So if the sugar is feed to them while making honey this is not good?? Pardon, my imply I am a NEW BE-E =) Pun intended..

GardenFork says:

the essential oils have been shown to have a positive effect on the overall health of the hive. If you do a search for Bee Culture Magazine and ‘essential oil’ you should find their article posting the results of tests done. thx! eric.

MzClementine says:

May I ask.. What does the lemon grass and spearmint do for the bee’s? =)

GardenFork says:

good to hear. be sure to supply all the hives with sugar syrup asap, they need food to build up the hive. let me know any questions, eric.

lghupp says:

Thank for your videos. I will start out with two packages and one hive this spring. Your videos are a great resource and learning tool.

GardenFork says:

hi robb, good to hear. make sure the shim is not too deep or the bees will build burr comb in it in the spring! eric.

robb4570 says:

I’m not knocking the sugar water method. It has worked just fine for years, but it is labor intensive. The jar lids are proped. Up, and you have to heat the mixture and be careful not to carmelize it. With your method I was done in no time… Going to make a shim so I can place the cakes on the brood frames…

robb4570 says:

Great vid… I was mentored by an old Appalachian BeeKeeper who taught to feed bees sugar water out of a mason jar. The inner cover had a hole cut in the center with wire mesh covering it, the jar was inverted on the hole, a vent box was placed on the inner cover which the lid went on. The ratio is 2/1 in the winter and 1/1 in the spring. I made some of your sugar cakes tonight , Fingers crossed that it works here in Virginia…

GardenFork says:

we wrap the exterior of our hives with black roofing paper, aka tar paper, as a wind break and the dark color abosrbs heat in the winter, so it helps , thanks, eric.

Τηρεσιας Προφητης says:

by the way what is that material you are using to cover the beehives? … is it waterproof?

Τηρεσιας Προφητης says:

i am using a soft patty type of cake .. it has a gummy consistency and it doesnt drip …. i was told to cut a large opening and place it on top of the frames .. opening facing down … i left it opening facing up and i worry that the bees might have to walk a few centimeter to get to it instead of just “reaching” up to get to it …

GardenFork says:

are you using a zipper type plastic bag with sugar syrup in it to feed your bees? if so, you put the bag on top of the upper super of the beehive, and then carefully cut a few small cuts or pinholes on the side of the bag that is facing ** UP **

you want to allow the bees to feed on the syrup in the zip plastic bag, but not have the pinholes or cuts so large that the sugar syrup drains out of the bag.

you don’t want the sugar syrup do drip on to the bees, it can kill them in cold weather.

Τηρεσιας Προφητης says:

can someone help me by telling me HOW to place the bag in the hive? … should it be turned upside down (the opening facing the frames) or just anyway as long as it is close to the bees ? i am a total beginner so excuse the lack of terminology and total cluelessness

lgrbarnard2 says:

First year urban beekeeper and made my first surgar cake. The temperature is dropping.

Michael Phillips says:

Good video. Your audience is a nice touch.

GunClingingPalin says:

pure “cane” sugar is what you should use…the beet sugar is GMO beets… bad for bees.. people too.

LauriMayM4926 says:

Looks like you have a lot of great videos and a personality to go with them..Now that it is late fall I’ll have some time to check them out. I have over 100 hives and raise queens in Western Washington State. I appreciate the time it took to make these videos and will share your link with my customers and friends. My recipe for sugar blacks calls for cider vinegar instead of water.. with electrolytes with vitamins.
Facebook page..look for Miller Compound Honeybees and Agriculture

GardenFork says:

good to hear, i use this candy board type sugar cake to overwinter the bees and it works well. and it takes care of the humidity in the beehive too. thx, eric.

upst6m says:

I just made this candy with lemon grass and spearmint and it tastes great. I might save some for the bees. I never knew that 1 fluid ounce weighs 1 ounce until I saw this video; thanks Eric.

bigthicketbees says:

thats why you buy pure CANE sugar.

Tactical Bacon says:

100% Sugar cake… mmmmm…

GardenFork says:

yes, caramelized sugar is bad for bees, the beauty of this method is you are not heating the sugar, you are just adding some water.

GardenFork says:

white sugar is refined, and to me and many beekeepers, its fine to feed to bees. raw sugar also known as demerra or turbinado sugar has a brownish cast.

brown sugar, as its known to most people, is refined sugar that still has the molasses in it, or refined sugar that has molasses added to it.

matthew breen says:

actually white sugar has additives raw sugar doesn’t and raw sugar is brown

Martin Miljkovic says:

overcooked sugar kills bees. It is called caramel or something like that. Be really careful what you do…

bugboyandy says:

To help control pesky varroa mites.

GardenFork says:

good question, but no, the sugar is food for them to eat in winter, honey is made from nectar they collect, honey cannot be made from any sugar you feed them. thx, eric.

Brian Johnson says:

Would the essential oils add flavor to the honey?

GardenFork says:

thanks for watching, bunch more bee vids on our YouTube channel, eric – GardenFork

Jerry Hogkiller says:

great video thanks.

crcaccounts says:

What is the purpose of the spearmint essential oil?

Steven Jennings says:

That’s way cool…


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