Top 3 ways of feeding sugar to honey bees In an absolute emergency

Feeding bees sugar is one of the last things I would do. But if you are stuck here is how.


workwithnature says:

Hi there 🙂
I would say no to that. Are there lots of flowers in the area? Then they will be more than OK 🙂 Also be careful, if you start feeding them with lots of sugar they will come en-mass and it can get a little scary 😉
Hope that helped.
Cheers David.

12quillemall5321 says:

Wild bees are hanging around the hummingbird feeder. I know they can’t get the nectar. Should I give them it?

Andy Moss says:

Ideally open hive up in circumstances when the weather is calm/stable and not when changeable/impending thunder storms/blowy/cloudy as bees get disorientated and agitated. Use smoke sparingly and only if necessary.Do not ‘pump’ smoke out at hive entrance. Just let the smoke naturally drift over from a distance before opening for ten minutes or so. Do not squash bees. Use soft brush and hook end hive tool.Do not prise crown boards/queen excluders off. Good luck!

workwithnature says:

You are most welcome, I love to make them. It is always exciting to get your first bees. Just like when you get them through the winter alive 🙂 Good luck with your beekeeping venture. it is going to be great 😉

lyricwinn says:

Thanks for all your bee keeping videos. They are very inspirational. I am starting 2 topbar hives as soon my bees are delivered next month. I can hardly wait.

Teddybearcop48 says:

Very good .. Thanks !

hogkillerjp says:

great video you gave me some new ideas,thanks.

MrVegetableGarden says:

Is it possible that my bees don’t like smoke? I am starting beekeeping this year and I started with some abandoned hives, they where a mess inside, so I had to cut a lot of honey and brood of and the bees where much calmer without the smoke than with it!! I am using news paper and egg boxes to start the smoke and then use a pine cone and some green leaves for the smoke

SleepWhenIamDead says:

…good video, very informative…more people should get into bees….

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