Hiving a swarm. Honeybee Swarm in April 26 by Tim Durham Sr.

Bees just started to swarm in the NW corner of Mississippi. This swarm was close to the ground, just like you like them Spring of the year brings hope & excitement. Just like the new blooms and flowers start blooming bring in excitement of new life and a beautiful day, Sweet Breath of Spring is here. The Aroma of a new chapter with beauty awaits the bees and the beekeeper. The beekeeper has be working on his equipment during the winter preparing for this glorious season God is about to deliver. The anticipation and hope gives us euphoria. I’m 68 and I still remember the euphoria I had when I first starting keeping honey bees. I loved them so much, they were on my mind all the time. Kind of like when you got married, that was on your mind all the time for several reasons which we won’t go into. My 1st wife and I have been married 46+ years and she’s still my Queen, my only Queens. I love her dearly and well as the 2 boys, one girl and 7 grand children. Young men seeking information and wanting to get some honey bees for the first time, I tell them, Honeybees are like a good woman, you take care of her and she will take care of you, but don’t mess up, you’ll get stung. Any Questions: Click on ( contact us ) on our site Here are some of my honey bee videos How a beekeeper starts tomato seeds indoors About beekeeper Tim Durham Sr. Thank you, Tim


WallsBeeMan says:

Hiving a swarm is so much fun, very exciting.

Misha Gray says:

Great Video my friend! I caught my first swarm like this!

Olivars54 says:

Finally a beekeeper who knows whst hes doing. It was nice to watch.. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

WallsBeeMan says:

You are so kind. I don’t remember if I ever acknowledge you comment.
Have a good one
Tim Sr.

WallsBeeMan says:

Thank you for your kinds words. It really wasn’t a one man show, it was really a one man and 20K girls.  Have a good one Tim Durham Sr.

WallsBeeMan says:

I tried to reply but it keep telling me, error, try again. I did try several times Tim Sr.

AliebabaFS says:

Uncle Tim: I found this very educational and informational…not only are you a great bee handler but also a great actor. Also, for a while, you had me feeling sorry for the camera man until I realized that it was a one-man show. Thanks for sharing!

The1966man says:

Tim, you are so amazing with those bees. Would you call this a “Bee Love-In” ? Did you say there was a main hive that these bees came from that was behind you in the video? What will happen to that huge hive? Is it also relocated away from that public place along with the bees? We are always amazed at how calm you are around these hundreds of bees in your cut-off shorts. We are so glad to hear the recent tornadoes did not hit your area.

Donnie Durham says:

Great video!

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