How to install a package of Honeybees

This video will teach you how to put a package of honeybees in your hive that you received in the mail. Spring of the year brings hope & excitement. Just like the new blooms and flowers start blooming bring in excitement of new life and a beautiful day, Sweet Breath of Spring is here. The Aroma of a new chapter with beauty awaits the bees and the beekeeper. The beekeeper has be working on his equipment during the winter preparing for this glorious season God is about to deliver. The anticipation and hope gives us euphoria. I’m 68 and I still remember the euphoria I had when I first starting keeping honey bees. I loved them so much, they were on my mind all the time. Kind of like when you got married, that was on your mind all the time for several reasons which we won’t go into. My 1st wife and I have been married 46+ years and she’s still my Queen, my only Queens. I love her dearly and well as the 2 boys, one girl and 7 grand children. Young men seeking information and wanting to get some honey bees for the first time, I tell them, Honeybees are like a good woman, you take care of her and she will take care of you, but don’t mess up, you’ll get stung. Any Questions: Click on ( contact us ) on our site


WallsBeeMan says:

There are several ways you can get the bees to put in your hive.
The most fun way. Call you local police dept. and local pest control companies in your area and tell them, when someone calls them this Spring with a swarm of bees in there yard, to give them your phone number. You go get the bees. Warning. If you live in any of the states that may have the killer bees, then all bets are off. Don’t do that.

joem5643 says:

Great video I just bought my first Bee hive and was confused how to add the bees.

WallsBeeMan says:

If you did not get you bees last Spring, you can be studying about bees and get your hive ready this Winter and the best time to start your bees is in the Spring. The 1st part of Spring

flatpicker1234 says:

Your video’s are great!! I so want to do this. What time of the year should I start to order the bee’s ?

AliebabaFS says:

I would much rather receive the honey in the mail than a package like this! Thanks for sharing and for the educational journey.

The1966man says:

I just laugh in amazement how you simply approach this whole operation as if you are making a cake or something. You have hundreds of bees that, if they wanted to for any reason, could sting you from head to toe. Sometimes it looks as though some are getting squashed. Tim, what is the secret of handling the bees like that? I notice you always wear a white shirt, and the bee boxes are also white. You are amazing ! By the way, this video gets cut off at the end, is there a part 2 ?

The1966man says:

Might be a good idea to tell people where they can order the bees from.
Thanks Tim !

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