Propolis Quality Test

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Sylvester King says:

A waste of time.

Martin B says:

How about adding some text word audio to tell us what those results actually mean. All that I’m seeing is that they’re different, and that could be down to the solvent used to make the tincture.

Intellectual Minds says:

I can even say that the other ones are better because they are much more concentrated!

Intellectual Minds says:

What you show us here is the quality of “being dissolved” and not the actual quality of propolis. You cannot “show” the quality of propolis, it all depends on it’s own ingredients.

pumapreto says:

you are absolutely right. Brazilian propolis does not come from the Amazon. most is from Sao Paulo State and nearby South of Minas Gerais State.

Also, this video is very amateurish.

ThisnThatPackRat says:

So “your” propolis has more alcohol in it? Pure propolis is a gummy “solid” that would be used to make into a tincture. All this vid. demonstrates is that “yours” is thinner with an “organic” label from Brazil for “Amazon”. BTW the region most organic honey comes from in Brazil is nowhere near the Amazon. In fact, it’s in Brazil’s dry, arid region…serato…where there is only 18 – 30 inches of rain…again, nowhere near the Amazon.

wbmarketings says:

Yes, Propolis is a solid substance but Propolis Extract is a liquid.

The quality of the Propolis Extract depends on the Extract method,

as well as the quality of Alcohol, if Alcohol is used to extract the Propolis. Our Propolis Extract is premium quality because our Propolis is from Amazon in Brazil and the Alcohol used to extract the Propolis is USP food grade Organic Grape Alcoho.

093wwww says:

So, what was the conclusion of this video? What did you analyze? I want to know the advantages and didadvantages of both sides. Pros and cons.

royalwulff1 says:

Can you not talk? WTH

tzkelley says:

I don’t get it. Propolis is a solid, not a liquid.

nelsman says:

Agree. To dissolve like that is to have some sort of emulsifier additive or something.

Mosunick75 says:

good point

cn2045 says:

Bored shit! Propolis is not dissolvable in water and when dissolved in ethanol it is very sticky.
The first sample (you think is wax) is real Propolis and yours maybe adulterated. Change your raw material supplier.

WallsBeeMan Durham says:

good vid. I’m 69, went in my first hive about 10 years old.  I just made a vid on bee pollen

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