Urban Beekeeping: Drones Get the Boot! Inspection of Bucket Sugar Syrup Feeders!

I check on the 2 gallon bucket feeders that I showed you how to make. I find that the buckets are ready to be refilled, the bees used up all of the syrup! I decided to leave the buckets in place while I prepare more syrup. And I show you some drones that get kicked out for the fall/winter. Sad, but that is life!


Anass Hammouda says:

Hi there. I’m a beekeeper from Morocco (north africa) (just to “introduce”myself). By the way, Keeping drones alive is known to be the hardest thing in beebreeding. But you may already know that it could be usefull to queenbreeding, trapping varroa in drone frames and so on. Maybe one could take advantages of keeping them alive even in a “no-queen” hive…

kishka7 says:

Could you please show the link to the video that shows how you do that bucket? Maybe include it in your description? I would appreciate it! I use a top feeder with two troughs in it and a screen access in the middle.

urbangreenbee says:

yeah, drones have it rough! they get killed/kicked out in the fall and if they ever get to actually mate, their junk snaps off and they plummet to their death! That is so sad!

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