Yellow Jackets Yellow jackets can be a serious threat when they build nests inside walls.


kevzvipe says:

I stepped on TWO yellow jacket nests in ONE HOUR in 1984 when I was 9. The 1st one I stepped on- I got stung hundreds of times. I went back to show my friends the nest and stepped on a SECOND DIFFERENT NEST! I got stung hundreds more times. So roughly 300-500 stings in one hour!

shellcracker7 says:

A long time ago, I found a nest between a couple of bales of hay in my shed. I had pulled the two bales apart when I saw a nest about the size of a football sticking to one of the bales. Surprisingly, I did not get stung. The nest was active in intact so I knew I needed to do something because my pit-bull dog had been stung a few times already. I shot the nest with a 12 guage shotgun from about 15 or 20 feet. It instantly shredded the whole nest and killed every wasp in it.

dh190852 says:

Wasps are not just “meat eaters”. Research “Wasp Traps” Late in the summer they are looking for sugars and not proteins.

dh190852 says:

Hey Rick, you should have explained the difference between bees and wasps.

The first nest you showed is a hornet nest…..unlike Yellow Jackets that usually burrow in the ground.

TheScrewedGeneration says:

I passed over a nest in the ground with my mower and one came out and stung me as a warning. As a result, I parked the mower over the nest and left it there until there was no more gas. The blade must have killed several. I then put my hose in the hole and turned it on. I eventualy killed them with spray then burried the whole with gravel then a bag of black earth, then put a patch of grass over the earth.

MrStinkey100 says:

why am i watching these 🙂 ?

TheGamerman1996 says:

wasps dont make honey guys.

bee’s do. Im pretty sure wasps arent bee’s

Rick Steinau says:

Go to the Asktheexterminator website and click on “Pest Control Products” at the top of the page. Enter the product you are looking for in the search box.

frankdrebin says:

Where do you buy this stuff? I have a huge nest inside of a false hollow support beam. Sprayed, it did nothing but kill a few that came out. Bang on the wall from the inside, easily 100-200 yellowjackets come out swarming.

t0rec7e7 says:

I also heard scratching noises when I noticed wasps were attracted to the wooden construction of an old shed. I didn’t dare to observe these little yellow demons too close but my guess was they were consuming the rotten wood to make their ‘paper mache’ nests. Nature is fascinating and scary sometimes. 🙂

AlMayer1100 says:

Wasps are meat eaters. The eat a great deal of the very same insects, that exterminators want to kill. Thats why wasps are commonly referred to as “bad”. People are stupid. Simple as that.

goosecouple says:

Was attacked by yellow jackets 2 years ago while mowing my lawn. Got severe allergic reaction and I nearly died. Since then, I have been looking for ways to rid off of them.

Rick Steinau says:

No! They cannot make honey.

jerrydff7 says:

can they make honey to??

Daniel Smith says:


sizzlin321 says:

Love the intro

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