Yellow Jackets Swarming

I have an underground yellow jacket nest in my back yard so I decided I’d set up my Iphone 3gs to record the swarm after I stir it up with a shovel. It took 30 minutes for the hornets to calm down enough for me to run out in my home made bee suit and grab my phone. You may notice I cut it at about 1:05 cause i figured you wouldnt want to see 30 minutes of the same thing. I didnt get stung at all (cause my bee suit was flawless!) but this was still a stupid idea. I don’t recommend anyone do this unless they want to be stung! Kelley, and Xena are in the very end for a second too, thanks for watching! ­čśŤ


godgirlsguitars says:

duuuuuuuude they’re hitting the camera so hard that´╗┐ it’s actually moving the camera!

Ryan Perry says:

Holy fuc$´╗┐ you crazy ass

Janae Roop says:

at 0:19 i was like´╗┐ ok i’m out

Tubulerman1 says:

That is totally f*cked up!´╗┐ Scary as hell!!!

johnholby says:

Wow glad that I watch´╗┐ this on Utube and not standing there.
Greetings from Norway.

badfishmillie says:

Dude that´╗┐ was cool

SickPuppy45 says:

haha that’s awesome! yeah thats exactly what i would do home made bee suits FTW!! and the swarm on the phone´╗┐ is pretty sweet too

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