Yellow Jackets (Wasps) inside bee suit! (turn on CC)

I saw the add for the original Survivor reality show and couldn’t help myself. I think I would have made a great candidate. (Look carefully inside the bee su…


Fuseddd232 says:

i thought this was real damn, very cool man!

KJ Paul Karaoke says:

A much narrower and simpler but popular definition of the term wasp is any member of the aculeate family Vespidae, which includes (among others) the genera known in North America as yellowjackets (Vespula and Dolichovespula) and hornets (Vespa); in many countries outside of the Western Hemisphere, the vernacular usage of wasp is even further restricted to apply strictly to yellowjackets (e.g., the “common wasp”).
–From the Wikipedia entry on Wasp

topthrilldragster20 says:

Yellow jackets aren’t wasps. They are labeled as Hornets.

KJ Paul Karaoke says:

Unless you make a mistake while sorting…which I clearly did. Luckily I only made one mistake out of the 200 or so drones I put in the suit.

RegDawg101 says:

did he die? or is he alseep?

maculifrons says:

LOL very nice putting males inside your suit! they are completely harmless! 😀

KJ Paul Karaoke says:

Actually, I should have said bitten, yellow Jackets bite; bees sting.

KJ Paul Karaoke says:

Luckily I only got stung once.

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