Devastating Food Shortage lack of bees to pollinate food! Honey Bee Population Dying Out No Bees creates Food Shortage! Why Are The Honey Bees Dying? Vanishing bees will create a food shortage, no bees or lack of bees to pollinate the fruits and vegetables.


WakeUpInDaMorning1 says:

It’s the certain pesticides that they spray that are destroying the bees and having them dose around. It’s NOT global warming. They want to pull a fast one on us! Look up fipronil. It affects bees even at sub-toxic amounts.

mikemb123 says:

climate change. you lying scumbag piece of shit you know you are a filthy liar

artyfarty3 says:

that will sting the economy ! lol !
maybe they all turned republican and ditched the queen ! only to fly off on the wings of liberty !
what do all the bees call each other ? – honey !
what do bees do for fun ? – they dance
what do all the cool bees do for fun ? – they rap
what did one bee say to another bee ? – “hey , do you know where i can score some pollen ? ”
during phone sex one bee asks the other to describe what she is wearing …
Awwww Bee-have ! 😉

TheClubMantra says:

Saw 1 bee 1 month ago when it was still cold on the east coast.

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