EPA Lies About the Smoky Mountains!

Thinking that the Environmental Protection Agency uses ‘Science’ to justify their regulations is a big fat false.Their favorite scam is to estimate number of deaths they will prevent with some new Nazi Like regulation. _________________________________________ www.infowars.com http www.infowars.net http www.youtube.com (New Section Added to Prisonplanet.tv) www.prisonplanet.tv twitter.com SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP (FULL ACCESS to all files and content on PrisonPlanet.tv) prisonplanet.tv _________________________________________ The Light of the World,Movie(Full Length) www.youtube.com


Zathora Serina says:

God Bless you LOL……

Spaz Rabid says:

Very good post Amy!Treat the animals like how you’d treat an animal!

mrsparex says:

I was on a trail in Gatlinburg and we saw a bear. It wouldn’t hold still for a pic from my disposable camera so we chased it . We were much too slow…and several dozen folks have told me since not to chase bears…

rollingtoastop says:

Humans have lived on planet Earth for (pick your favorite #) and got along just fine with the environment thank-you. Why do we need to protect polar bears or any fricken critter when we need the Earths bountiful resources now. The way I see the facts, if we run out of needed goodies God will replace them for us or God will institute a mass rapture thus saving all good republicans and the rest of us will revert to living like primitive man beating our females and killing replenished mastodons.

ctwatcher says:

Has EPA ever told truth? Not that I’ve seen.

polar7rulz says:

Powerful video !

sweettina2 says:

I’ve been going to the Smoky Mountains all my life…my favorite place on earth. People are waking up and seeing their lies. Thank you, sharing.

amy2x says:

Thank you Friend. Canada is also a Private Corporation.

joebuddyable says:

Yeah, not only this but look at the census bureau letter, using a magnifying glass look closely to the right side of the letters USA and you will see a very small capital letter “R” with a circle around it. What it means is that the USA is a private corporation & it’s also privately owned through Washington DC or The District Of Columbia which by the way is not part of the USA. Hmmm, the people that own the USA don’t even work in or for the USA. This is a nice observation video.

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