Honey bees are killed off in large numbers

Honey bees dying off in record numbers. Billions of bees have been killed, which could devastate the global food supply. No one knows why they’re dying.


Michael Hobby says:

Who is Killing The Honey Bee, it’s Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Sunflower Seeds, To use with Roundup Ready or 2,4-D This is True and happening right now with Genetically Modified Organism Food Crops in the Australia, USA, UK, and so on.

WakeUpInDaMorning1 says:

90% bees lost=90% humans loss.

Edward Everett says:

You will solve the mystery of why all our bees cant find their way home when you PUT A STOP TO THE NSA CFR, NWO, using Chemtrails and with the NWO H.A.A.R.P ELF transmitters which are corrupting the natural ‘Electro magnetic field around the earth that BEES and whales, and dolphins, and birds need to tap into to navigate to and from home base. see YT dontpoisonme HAARP secret weapon. see w w w cleanairandwater . net – close up the gaps to put into browser bar. The EPA NWO areto blame

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