Honeybees are dying threatening food supply

Nearly one in three commercial honeybee colonies in the US died or disappeared last Winter… WEBSITE: SOTT.NET SOURCE CREDIT: Brandon Keim, beeinformed.org …


Jim McDaniels says:

Check out EqualMoney org for the solution

spanaker says:

i hope the robobees will not be able to sting you

spanaker says:

honeybees are dying thanks to monsanto

ascendingstarseed says:

Ahh come on..who needs bee’s when science is developing robotic bees to do the same job?? Psychopaths…the globalists believe they can create an artificial environment that will protect us from the sun, which is predicted to heat up soon, see pdf “Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension pdf ~ IMPORTANT!” Thanks Pink!

TheAngelout says:

Ok, very important, just read an article that a man in Provo Utah found inside his bedroom wall by mishap, a huge colony of bees. It states he called to have it dismantled, lets hope he didnt stupidity kill them, I cant go there. Anyway, article goes on to say that they have been finding more indoor colonies and guess what the bees indoors are healthy. I would say that is very confirming. I am sure Pink upon your return you can find this article for commentary, thanks!


electric lines are driving them crazy over here.luvbug

MrBuckwilliam says:

i’m gonna miss you and the bees… watch?v=qSk1w9iVv-Q
much love to you pink.

nexgenhippy says:

i smell a rat another truther dissappears….

mumu409 says:

You could still do the news!! Just don’t show the pictures. you could show you. 🙂

PSPER99 says:

Gonna re-like all your videos!

lis lark says:

PINK! Please don’t leave (and don’t google your name). Please keep standing. I would understand if you wanted to go but, i don’t think that is what you want… you want to keep helping others. This guy is bullying you into submission.

You are the most law bidding YTuber there ever was!! If you go it is likely a domino effect others will get scared and leave. Truth will scatter and the void will be filled with enemy lies.

Please reconsider, YT will go away on it’s own soon enough but not now.

Scott Anthony says:

DO NOT LEAVE. DO NOT QUIT. Dont let one bad apple spoil things. You havent violated any laws. Fair Use applies in your reports. Please PM me the URL of the stalker’s website. This is insane…

spinnerchic22 says:

I fully understood your “worth waiting for” statement.
Even though I was new to your channel, you were are will always be a blessing to me. I thank God for your work and many gleaned needed info. I hope to find you on you on your own site. Peace and comfort to you, Pink. I will miss your videos and caring voice that echoed love to the world.

James White says:

I’ll Miss You Sweet Lady 🙁
Live Peace, Much Love & Big Hugs

Bob Dole says:

We love you pink ! best reporter ever ! your too good at what you do to quit, get a safe place, stay away form the money and find another outlet. were all gonna have to ditch youtube at some point

PSPER99 says:

Do this,please find another outlet,you are to important as a real information source,God bless you and thank you so much for all of your coverage

PSPER99 says:

Omg ,they are censoring you cause you bring truth,i hate this,gonna miss you Pink.!! Dont know what to say,frankly it hurts cause we need people that can do thi

Jat watson says:

better hope you dont let the government puppet dont scare you away

moonpurrr says:

I’m so sorry to hear of your ordeal. Sending love light and Aloha.

journey344 says:

good video sis.

Stormy13Wizard13 says:

Sorry to hear that your being attacked. This is one of the great channels on the tube.

therealnightwriter says:

Only place to leave a message, the person attacking you must be a government shill, I hope that you don’t quit.

MrsAliDiCaprio1 says:

Out him! Who is he?

ladeene06 says:

Cont…..Mean peaple truly suck, don’t they?!. Love u lady. Find your happy place and run with it. Will MISS YOU!!. mwah…XOXO’s

ladeene06 says:

Hey pink, bless your heart!! Just watched your goodbye video, and yes u disabled the comment section. I mean no disrespect by not honoring your wish to hear no comment. I’m so so sorry for your troubles. I wish you the best of all happiness you can possibly squeeze out of your life.know that in will miss your reading for me when I can’t myself. And I KNOW that you always gave credit to anyone but yourself. So I doubt that anyone has a case against u. But who needs that hassle, I get that!

irishslave51 says:

TPTB want to replace everything natural with bots!

barbiedolldreams1 says:

great video Pink and the importance of the Honey Bees and helping to bring this to others attention

keyholeartists says:

great suggestion … killer bees attack monsanto agents

silentmajor says:

Everyone that has the ability should start their own bee hive. I’m giving it serious thought.

silentmajor says:

Lets see, population growing, food supply dwindling. That adds up to population correction on planet earth coming soon.

wishfix says:

lots of inthe bees in England are gone. this started about 2 ye

SMIshroomery321 says:

Thx Pink  🙁

fgs317 says:

I’ve seen chemtrails everyday. I can’t take it. The powers that “want” are trying to exterminate us. I just pray for the children being born in such perilous times. Thanks for your reports pink you are awesome!

Kevin Stoll says:

Pink this has always been a big concern of mine. No bee’s, no food. No bee’s, no honey for my coffee. Such a simple creation of God. And such an important thing to man’s survival. Thanks honey. Good reporting.

wewexteriors says:

Feed them more GMO, we still have some left.

88msbugsy says:

Heard abt the bees many yrs ago- not surprised either that it as been unsollved. Seems the norm pattern of life these days on this planet- live now- pay later- yes,the chem-spray planes WE DO need to get to the bottom of who is doing that- You know some vids say they are 4th dimensional (fake-planes) Orbs/ entities and ther like? I know- that sounds crazy- many channels are saying this- they have followed it for yrs- I watched for a yr now- no camcorder; eyes only- there is something very wrong

TheAngelout says:

Butterflies too dear, very very sad…….this creates such emotion of anger and sadness, you know.

DavidBylsma says:

well can’t Monsanto grow some more fake poison food to make up for it? 🙂 lol

joebuddyable says:

For 40+yrs Chem-Trails have been lacing toxic nanobiotic mold spores on cross pollinating plants, it’s nothing new. Manually pollinating plants is easy to do with indoor spaying systems; however, it’s costly & will stop all individual yard crops. 1/3 of the earths vegetation shall be instantaneously consumed means that certain industries will consume it & control it. Build your own bee colony wherever you can & use it indoors. “When the bees disappear so will humanity” quote Albert Einstein.

katsbatch7 says:

No bees No us xx

Joseph Gastelum says:

Pink, there has been a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Iran including a few after shocks. Let us know the latest and how many people have died and how much damage if possible.

beauvais681 says:

cell phone towers

beauvais681 says:

the source of the problem if the rf from cell phone towers. the bee’s are not accustomed to these frequencies. so it looks like we have to give up cell phone’s to save the bee’s and ourselves . watch ”resonance beings of frequency” great info for all

rick shalt says:

Ps My roof is full of them,thanks have a good trip,or rest,at least have a good weekend luv ya…..Rick

rick shalt says:

Agenda 21,why was it passed

MatWanker says:

See those mini drones they are going to use for pollination? Sick.

Muchlove thank you as always ps.

xithosity says:

Things will get only worse. For the love of money is the root of all evil, and many people, organizations, corporations, banks value money over life. They think they can hijack Gods creation and do their own thing, creating GMO monster crops, and robot bees. As the bible said this world is coming to and end and Jesus Christ will remake it. Jesus Christ The Son Of God is the life, way and truth he is the only way. Repent, believe and you shall be given eternal life. God bless.

artseecraftee says:

my son told me that you tube may be who turns down the quality control on you tube ?so that we can watch it stream ?

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