MASS BEES DIE-OFF: Global Food Crisis – Thousands Of Bees Suddenly Die In Winthrop, Minnesota?!

The CELESTIAL Convergence | May 18, 2013 – UNITED STATES – As farmers get underway with their spring planting, s…


gymguy25 says:

If ever the bees vanished off the face of the Earth, mankind would have less than 4 years to live-Albert Einstein.  Note: the Great Tribulation lasts 42 months or 3.5 years.

nightwatcher2012 says:

jessecj7, I apologize, I was speaking of the RAND Corperation. They are a major corperation which was linked to UN and global affairs to Reasearch and Develope miliatary weapons originally but have expanded into something really monsterous. Sorry bud, will try and comment more clearly in future or keep my thoughts to myself. Still going to research RAND and put findings in a folder for anyone interested. Sorry again.

jessecj7 says:

Rand is a beekeeper who lost bees from pesticides. what does he have to do with Monsanto? I don’t like Monsanto either, but Rand is just a beekeeper who lost a bunch of bees. I can assure you he’s not working for Monsanto.

nightwatcher2012 says:

because they are one of the greatest think tanks with some of the smartest of minds helping to oversee Agenda 21. Many of their employees dont even know what they are working on. I’m not saying they are behind it I mentioned I thought they might be. Perhaps its Salutia, maybe Monsanto. You wipe out the bees you disrupt food productions though. Pretty powerful stuff reguardless whos doing it. Will do more research this weekend on Rand, Thanks Jess. Have a great weekend.

jessecj7 says:

Why would Rand use a neonicotinoid pesticide?

mooheeeeExp says:

Hope Korea will attack soon to destroy US coz US start supporting Russia to kill the children in poor Syria like dame master….you care about bees while you kills children every where and now you start it again in Syria are less than animals….

nightwatcher2012 says:

Word had it that Monsanto had produced a GMO which genetically produced its own pesticide. Aside from that I think it was Rand who was using a nicotine pesticide that caused major bee die offs. We need to abolish Monsanto and other corperations like it from the planet. Thanks Andre for keeping so many of us up to speed on events. Episodes like this could cause food prices to rise if crops are less productive.

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