Mystery Of The Dying Bee’s Solved (16th April 2012)



LabelMeInfinity says:

Well not a good thing that Monsanto just bought up the research company that was finding the cause of all this. Look into that….

myopicseer says:

If the goal of any NWO elite is to break the economy, to place the general US population on a day-to-day subsistence existence, and make people more dependent on the Lord Government to give them their daily bread, might that explain in part the reason why our US gov’t, who is full aware of this issue and the culprit, has not yet banned the use of neonic chemicals in agriculture? Colony Collapse Disease = High Food Prices and scarcity.

cfapps7865 says:

I find this very interesting and bit disturbing, thanks. Peace.

unreal672003 says:

Monsanto is a Evil virus that needs to be purged from the earth for the sake of genetic security. These abominable monsters are working day and night to try to control and patent the food supply of the world! Without any genuine regard for human or environmental safety they conspire and develop stategies to overthrow the natural order of life. The only way to ensure health and safety for future generations is to support the organic food industry? and illegalize patenting living organisms.

Thyalwaysseek says:

Whatever…I am not here to argue, as I said yes our bee’s are mite free however what part of Asian Honeybee invasion didn’t you get?

swilbs says:

The article doesnt mention the fact the Australian bee population is healthy..
If i was conducting a study thats where i would start….

Godtaughtmehow says:

Depopulation is in full swing. Live in love. Peace.

isabstmr says:

I also read mono crop agriculture is affecting them because they need diversity. I knew it was the pesticide. Very sad.


its like all the bees and dolphins are goin “peace out everyone we’re gonna watch from a different.. angle” haha ever see hitchhikers guide to the galaxy? the beginning “goodbuy and thanks for all the fish”

jdmarin1965 says:

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.” …..Albert Einstein

r2app says:

So the pesticide vapourizes the bees? Where are the remains or where did they go? Billions of bees are hard to miss

Ghostinthemachine654 says:

i still say monsanto is responsible,i also think they tie into chemtrails,think about it.they spray their shit killing the bees poisoning the land so that not only will only their genetic modified food grow but then they will unleash their ggenetically modid bees to polinate their poison crops! just a theory 🙂

murphalot13 says:

Chemtrails, GMO’s, weather mod, scalar pulses. Thats why

skuldude says:

Anybody notice that mr schliffman has demon eyes?

sohotsauce says:

Bayer is owned by the Rockefeller family as is the Pharmaceutical industry itself, so there is no surprise here!

maddogmona says:

When I read the 1st paragraph I had to laugh, looks like the worker bees are revolting against the 1%. lol.  Well, at least we can stop buying Bayer products…but the question has to be asked, WHY aren’t they being asked to stop putting that chemical in? WHY must we be the ones who have to police them? Isn’t there some agency we are paying the salaries of that is supposed to be on top of this?

thetimman00 says:

Now Bayer becomes the bane of humanity. Wait, aren’t these guys the ones with tainted blood product knowingly sold? Wait, isn’t this the aspirin your mother trusted? Wait. isn’t this name a variant on the Rothchildes real surname? Wait? Wait for it. DON’T buy ANYTHING from Bayer or its minion companies.

loudwaters9 says:


Bayer Colony Collapse.

Sounds good

John95760246 says:

And it took a group of scientists to figure this out, WOW!!!

jnowak2300 says:

My Grandfather leased 1/3 of his farm land to a corn producer that of course grows GMOs he has always had beehives on his land to help his land and his neighbors with in 2 years more than half of his hives are gone this has never happened until these GMOs were planted. My theory is that the insecticides that are in these GMO to help with the insects not to eat the crops are killing the bee’s simple educated guess maybe I’m wrong but then again I think I’m on the right track

AlienProbe73 says:

maybe they are just going on strike

robynstorm1 says:


misterb1972 says:

bayer (ig farben) continuing their mass murder of today’s people. case closed.

anewtattoobynancy1 says:

LOL Great visual. Thank you! and thanks @thyalwaysseek <3

MrStoneClark says:

Thx for sharing, Dee.  Peace

slobomotion says:

Paris, France (and Saint-Denis, where I live, right nearby) produces great honey right in the cities BECAUSE pesticides are FORBIDDEN here (in Paris, for example) and there is a huge variety of flora in all the green spaces here. The honey sells for more than country honey because the flavor is milder and more “mixed.” I am not too surprised that human-related pollutants harm bees, and we need bees!

spellground says:

I don’t believe mainstream media … its mostly lies

Thyalwaysseek says:

LOL…yes I understand your frustration and anger believe me I feel this myself however I can’t rant on demand unfortunately. Peace.

spellground says:

I like your comment !

Thyalwaysseek says:

Yes I agree. Peace 🙂

Thyalwaysseek says:

Now there’s a nice thought…lol..Peace.

jdogsful says:

If only the human “worker bees” would abandon their queen bee and never return, leaving her to starve and die.

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