Shocking Food Pollinating Bees Dying in Europe creates Food Shortage No Bees creates Food Shortage! Why Are The Honey Bees Dying? Vanishing bees will create a food shortage, no bees or lack of bees to pollinate the fruits and vegetables.


samuils says:

Or the chemicals beekeepers put in the hives. Which btw, ends up in your honey, unless you are buying true organic

shecards1 says:

its too bad there has to be commercial before such a subject is revealed… stinks and sums us up.

rupertmja1 says:

Last year a study was published in India – totally ignored. The guy put his cellphone on a hive and called it a few times a day. It affected the bees (the radiation, not the noise) and their number reduced – probably interfered with their navigation. The story was laughed at - but it’s worth and experiment or two is it not?

nowheretosit says:

I’d wager it’s something in the chemicals the farmers are putting on the crops.

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