Where Have The Honey Bees Gone?

Where have all our honey bees gone? Before our packet arrived I don’t remember seeing one bee in the garden or orchard. Follow Wranglerstar on Facebook for e…


Russell Comer says:

I live´╗┐ in East Texas and seen changes in the past ten years, right now I have only seen a couple of Hornets an occasional Mud Dobber, but what caught my eye are the large Wasp that have been coming around and flying off with the Cicadas. I guess this fourth will bring thousands of birds to die again. Not that lightning or hunting has any effect…. just saying ­čśë

TheMichiganWoodsman says:

Wow, i came here to relax and check on W.S. bees, and the comments look
Like WWIII. All i know is the bees where i live used to be yellow, and they are now
Black!!! has to be from “man”. Nature is´╗┐ very resilient, she will always seek homeostasis (If we stop messing with her). Your Title had me worried Cody…

dandotreillydot42058 says:

better´╗┐ diagnostics

dpeagles says:

Wait……..wait……….Don’t put facts out in front of Mr. Winstonsees….He is a believer.´╗┐

dpeagles says:

Do you have´╗┐ evidence from a real and non biased source for this claim?

0p3r47i0n5 says:

Hasn’t the definition of autism been broaden since the 1970s? And haven’t other´╗┐ disorders been reclassified as autism as well?

YokoWenis says:

Perhaps the lack of diagnosis, over-diagnosis, or a combination of the´╗┐ two.

baddogonline says:

They found an Asian´╗┐ Mite that was spreading disease through the population. They have a dust for it now.

C. K. Mecham says:

Do you have´╗┐ any advice for me? I want to start a hive but am having trouble convincing my wife. She has the idea stuck in her mind that the bees will attack our children and animals.

Zootycoonman223 says:

Really? That’s interesting. I know that my neighbor has three or so hives he started two years ago and just this past spring they put a cell phone tower just a mile or so away from my home (about 3/4 to a mile for him).´╗┐ I’ll have to ask him how his hive is doing, last summer he gave us a jar of honey. I myself am more of a jack-of-all-trades-man and I’ve been tempted to try an start a colony and plant some wild flowers over my hillside; so far that is only a fleeing thought/dream.

Zootycoonman223 says:

Your list would also have to consist of: wheat/barley/rice
(and most other cereal crops), cattle, goats/sheep, apples, swine, horses, and most of your garden variety vegetables/fruit (excluding´╗┐ things such as corn, tomatoes, potatoes and so on). If all those disappeared tomorrow would life “go on”, because they are not from the Americas? Millions of plants would fail to pollinate and the soil tilled without those two, very important, species; we could live without many of those others I listed.

eamonn280958 says:

I was having a´╗┐ discussion today about beehives.
Is the comb the Honey someone thought the comb was made of wax.

Royalsfan55 says:

honey bees around here have all but vanished. Used to always see them in the clover and everywhere. I can’t really have a honey bee hive here in the suburbs as the kids would undoubtedly mess with it and if they got stung it would somehow be my liability. I did however, cut a hole in my house where bumblebees are now nesting between the plywood and the insulation. They aren’t as good as honey bees but they are good pollenaters which is what´╗┐ I wanted.

lordsummerisle87 says:

Change´╗┐ in diagnosis criteria.

tblbaby says:

maybe it was´╗┐ ants … Einstein could bee an idiot, honestly. Genius in his gifted area, but dumb as a rock in others

Clinton Nichols says:

It is easily´╗┐ explained as baseless hysterics.

Clinton Nichols says:

What we consider as bees, the European´╗┐ Honey Bee, are obviously not indigenous to the Americas. Neither are earthworms. If they all vanished tomorrow life would go on.

jpenna1976 says:

In that case, differencies between countries are massive and it should be easier to compare differencies in several aspects of life to narrow down the cause. Our vacination program is pretty vast and I suppose it doesn’t differ much from one in US. Of course,´╗┐ manufacturer of vaccine may vary. Like we got bad swine flu vaccine (Pandemrix), which caused several cases of child narcolepsy.
euvac. net/graphics/euvac/vaccination/finland.html

Jorge Lobos says:

Same goes with trout that monsanto has GMO… If you take those trout and put them in a pond or a private river and monsanto finds out… you will be sued and all your trout will be´╗┐ confiscated.

Jorge Lobos says:

LOL clearly you don’t research enough… Bees have been taken by monsanto because any plant or animal that is immune to round up means it was genetically modified by monsanto… and monsanto has a patent on their poison… And when someone has a patent and you find someone´╗┐ else has your product without permission they sue you and take your shit… Happens with farmers when monsanto seeds accidently fly into their fields.. then monsanto sues the farmer even though monsanto is the problem.

Winstonsees says:

Center for Disease Control (CDC)´╗┐

jpenna1976 says:

Where is this information´╗┐ from?
In Finland about one in 1000 are diagnosed autistic. According to my math, it is pretty far from one in 50.

Winstonsees says:

Look at the figures for´╗┐ autism post 2000. Or even just compare the figures from four years ago to todays figures. Clearly there is an alarming increase. I didn’t say autism is the result of GMOs btw. I was talking about vaccines.

Max Banx says:

How do you know? Troll´╗┐

r4zv4nes says:

how will they know when to stop building the´╗┐ honey comb before reaching the metal mesh on the bottom? Will it matter if they reach it?

Jonas Andersson says:

You may think what you want about GMO’s and other popular theories but saying that autism is a result of GMO is hogwash.

Alot of research done on autism and asperger was done after the 70s. Aspergers didn’t really get recognized until the late 90s. Which means they did not know how to diagnose it before and should not be used as´╗┐ an argument.
Infact GMO crops started in early 90s. That barely gives us a generation to diagnose with autism as a result of GMO.
1:50 diagnosed? Worldwide it’s 2:1000!

mmanut says:

How about using a very large hypodermic needle filled with bee´╗┐ food to stick in bottom of the plastic container and after pulling needle out just stick a blank needle to block hole. Just hate disturbing bees if not needed

res1492 says:

what do you mean by ” It wasn’t. this is new.”.This is a very interesting subject,i just didn’t understand that bit´╗┐ of your reply

fire7side says:

I get fewer bees every year. I think the hummingbirds did most of my cross pollination this year. Murdering scientists. I’ve´╗┐ noticed them dropping since they started using GMO crops in our area.

TS O'Day says:

I will tell you exactly what is happening to the bees.´╗┐ MONSANTO!

TheGardenerNorth says:

When there is a lack of bees in any area it can be due to several factors. one maybe´╗┐ no beekeeper in the area, the other maybe a lack of good pollinating crops around. If you have an acreage with your own orchard, it would be a good idea to plant some bee perennial plants around that will build up a natural population of local bumble bees. myself being a beekeeper realized a long time ago that a sustained crop of pollen and nectar is what all bee species need. Much like us with our diet.

ObiWanShinobi1 says:

I saw the thumbnail and thought that was you scooping up handfuls of dead bees.´╗┐ Glad your girls are okay.

ohigan says:

I noticed this as well. Around my yard I have bushes, vegetables and flowers that, in the past years, were always teeming with different types of bees. This year I have seen ONE honey bee, two bumblebees and 6 mason bees… I have considered beekeeping but not sure if my property will support it as I am in a neighborhood and my lot is only 150 x150. It is an alarming issue when you consider all they do for´╗┐ us.

ytgv3fc7 says:

incorrect. It would have been improperly reported in´╗┐ the past but reported as something else. It wasn’t. this is new.

ytgv3fc7 says:

mercury (thimerisol) in the vaccines is a nerve poison. It’s harmful to all of us. Take that out of the vaccine (it’s used as preservative) and probably we’re Ok.
Also shoving in dozens of vaccinations per year if not more for babies is dangerous. Swelling & fever that never ends will kill or cause permanent brain damage. 2 per´╗┐ year and injected far away from the neck / head would be smarter as a maximum rate, not minimum.

Nathan Forster says:

are you seriously saying that vaccinations cause autism? That is the only thing that could cause´╗┐ an increase in the % of autism in children?!?

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