Worlds Bees are dying off & then so will we with no food. A FACT. Is it a NWO plan or natural?

The global world bee population is dying. We need bees to pollunate so we get food. Without them we will die of starvation. FACT. Is it just Natural or Human intervention. Is it planned as part of the New World Order to depopulate the nation or is it because Elenin/Nibiru/Planet X is messing with the magnetic fields & causing pole shifts etc on earth, is it HAARP, or is it the Chemical companies just interested in making profit over the health of us & natures cycle. You decide & let me know!!!


allolobophorus says:

Independent scientists have proven that Bayer’s pesticides are causing Colony Collapse Disorder, killing the bees worldwide. But the corporations pay other, corrupt scientists to produce studies that blame the bee deaths on varroa, viruses, climate change etc.

Viken Z Kokozian says:

Controversy Swarms Bee and Pesticide Study
April-09-2012–Another study adds to the buzz that a certain class of pesticides, called neonicotinoids, may be behind the bee-killing colony collapse disorder. But the findings have stirred up a hornet’s nest of objections from the pesticides’ manufacturer Bayer.
Harvard University biologist Chensheng Lu found a correlation between an imidicloprid contaminated diet and one of the symptoms of colony collapse disorder.

GoldHealth says:

That’s because you are in denial and want to be stupid. Do some research. The human species is murdering the planet.

InfidelUniversity says:

Boycott Bayer………..

InfidelUniversity says:

Boycott Bayer………..

InfidelUniversity says:

Boycott Bayer………..

cpepe223 says:

I dont believe the “facts” in this video

PAprepper1 says:

we humans r still a part of nature…this is just natures way of making sure the population doesnt get out of hand that the species (us) doesnt adversely affect the enviroment like how humans have….soooooo looks like were gonna bite the big one people hahahahahah merry christmas

thefenderbluesking says:

Divide this video 1725 by most popular video on net 100,000,000 and you realize a survival rate if a real world wide disaster happens.People dont care about smart stuff and the numbers on the net tell the story.Our children have been taught to worship the latest idol bcuz thats what gets a cool hundred million hits..Look up one of the worlds leading scientists and you see a video thats been viewed 125-5000 times but rarely more..Look up tits or booger and you get a million hit sad

Hippie Train says:

GREAT song

Hippie Train says:

subbed cus this video alone. i hate the ignorant people on this internet. you are not one of those. thank you

Informedru says:

Do a search on You Tube for “Honey Bees Dying – Pesticide Clothianidin – Bayer – GMO”

Be sure to note the RESEARCH link below video. Please spread this video!

moonspellNS says:

w w w

moonspellNS says:

It’s bayer and similar pesticide (poisoning) indrustry!

tnx for the video!

creedstat says:

what’s killing the bees? just an educated guess pesticides and all the other poisons we humans pollute our once pristine world with

panaramika says:

well done for posting this. It seems that because Bees are not some sensational conspiracy theory or major headline busting disaster it is ignored , just not trendy or alternative or exciting enough. But quietly this threat will become the most serious threat to mankind. In the end it will be the conspiracy theorists that overshadow the real problems facing us…again bravo

keensweep says:

IMO this is engineered global population reduction. The GM foods have built in insecticides that dont care what consumes it. Just one tool in there arsenal. The activate has escalated rapidly recently. I expect more and bigger.

uDecideForYourself says:

Thanks to all for your comments. Please forward the video & pass on the message. This message needs to be discussed between us all. Cheers.

chefjimmie1 says:

I haven’t seen a honey bee in quite a long time. (mid Atlantic) Planned event. You nailed it at 3:16. Call it what you want but the evil powers that bee (pun intended) have come up with an insecticide that only kills honeybees and they are spraying it from airplanes (chemtrails) and you are right. They want us dead and it gets more and more obvious to the thinking mind as we get closer to the closing of the history of mankind.

diddy00777 says:

true no bees no food ! open your eyes ppl

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