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It is Day 24, and if the queens were released from their cages around Day 3 and started laying eggs, [...]
The bees have only just settled into their hives, and I'm watching via My Bee TV from 150 miles away [...]
It Is Possible To Become A Beekeeper - A Good Beekeeper Without Spending A Small Fortune. Learn more [...]
Yesterday when I was adding the second brood chamber onto Hive #2, I spotted a handful of Small Hive [...]
Buy propolis here for really good price The term "propolis" comes from two Greek words [...]
April 6, 2013 is an exciting day. Today I pick up my bees from a delivery truck that is transporting [...]
Day 5 of the Metropolis of Propolis. Today it was pouring down rain and cold. I looked at my beehive [...]
http://www.etatpur.comLa Propolis est une substance naturelle récoltée par les abeilles. Elle poss [...]
mrežica za sakupljanje propolisa. [...]
Bees Propolis Antibacterial Honey Healing. [...]
So I was at the bee farm the other day and I saw these green imitation bees (flies) eating the propo [...]
Golden-Bee Beekeeping Supplies. We offer everything the beekeeper needs such as hives, starter kits [...]
I set out some propolis traps this summer and am giving it back this fall (thanksgiving). They need [...]