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A friend of mine was clearing land and ran across this hive. Instead of destroying the hive he found [...]
Here in Dorset, Filberts aims to create a growing range of products that offer an alternative to the [...]
Found very good looking Queen in one hive and another hive raising several new Queen cells www.durha [...]
This Log Hive was set up in March of 2011 and was prepared with wax and propolis. 3 weeks later a sw [...]
Should you empty out the hives in the fall, or pay to keep the bees alive all winter? It depends on [...]
This video will teach you how to put a package of honeybees in your hive that you received in the ma [...]
My short video of some propolis taken from my bee hive. [...]
Bees are of critical importance in the environment, sustaining biodiversity and ecosystems by provid [...]
Bees just started to swarm in the NW corner of Mississippi. This swarm was close to the ground, just [...]
Today we participated in an Irish honey bee hive inspection lecture and demonstration sponsored by t [...]
Extracting honey from honeycomb with Phillip, a professional beekeeper from [...]
Ruth on TV talking about Malaika Honeys work in Uganda [...] Susan M. Brackney, author of Plan Bee Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About t [...]