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I show you a yellow jacket (predator) eating a bee! And You see the Fabulous Urban Green Bee hives! [...]
This video follows Derek and members of The Davis Bee Collective for a day at the Davis Bee Sanctuar [...]
Just a lot of buzzing around by Lee'z B'z. Watching these ladies makes one want to go take a nap. Th [...]
Kyle Miller of Newcastle and District BBKA carries out a hive inspection. [...]
Installing escape board to clear bees out of honey boxes, hive inspection. [...]
One of my bees recycling propolis from an eke that had been removed from the hive after a month of a [...]
Honeybee Centre, located in the Vancouver area of South Surrey British Columbia, houses a fascinatin [...]
Dégustation et explication de la propolis sur couvre cadre.dossier sur la propolishttp://www.dailym [...]
I explain my findings from my study investigating urban and rural apiculture. The study is called Ur [...]
Beez4life is showing you how to melt down capping's from frames, keep in mind this is clean capping [...]
Timmy Jr. helping Pops check the bees for food storage & the Queen. Honey Bees, Bee Pollen, Roya [...]
optimal quality of life and foods for energy & nutrition. Alertness for active lifestyle. All na [...]
New Method for re-queening a Bee Hive. Honeybees. Honey Bees. Swarming. Bees. Bee pollen. Royal Jell [...]