30 Japanese Giant Hornets kill 30,000 Honey Bees

read the title.


Orlando Orellano says:

“Outside the exhausted hornets exchange liquids to boost their energy…”

Fucking disgusting!

TheNaxoLobo says:

Apocalypse Now

andrew porter says:

we have a swarm of bees that would take them down.check out my video of our bees.

Vercz10 says:

Thanks for clearing that up description.

Dousan Mandic says:

@0:28 – The choppers have arrived!

Dousan Mandic says:

haha “300” starring: Bees.

crazyboiT says:

Fuck hornets. They don’t do shit except sting people. Bees atleast make honey.

JOEM747 says:

They must evolve to abandon the hive!!!!

vzsozs says:

HOW THE FUCK did they record this?

TheHawk1942 says:

This isnt war this is murder

TheHawk1942 says:

they will remember that few stood against thousands

Andre Rc says:

Hi house

MrTyee117 . says:

You sons of bitches!!! Let me at them!

callofdutyC73 says:

Why bob why? 0:24

Daniel Courtney says:

WAR. WAR NEVER CHANGES….. war has changed.. O_o

David Miller says:


Gabriel Grey says:

Well you DO come off as kind of a patronising douchebag, sorry to say.

SuperSmashyfication says:


toastydoom153 says:

Some times I wonder,

FutureJirachi says:

That’s a bit extreme. And still, no one has the solution.

Gabriel Grey says:

Ah, so you’re just a holier than thou douchebag then? Cool.

FutureJirachi says:

The game is even more funny if you take a wrong guess, try again

RobotsAndBirds says:

Hey guys, I found the vegan.

AzyP Zero says:

Animals are inferior to humans. Until the day they all develop free will and the ability to speak they will stay inferior.

FutureJirachi says:

I don’t think we were supposed to enslave all these animals for the sole purpose of breeding and eating them. We let these animals die in their own excrement(literally), shredder male chickens because they can’t lay eggs and much more.

This has NOTHING to do with the food chain. This is abnormal. I think hunting is okay. I couldn’t hunt and kill an animal, but at least the hunter does something for his food and the hunted has a small chance to survive.

MeunierLouis says:

Nature gotta do what nature does best : kill the weakest. Alas, we’re part of nature and even on top of the food chain.

Ivar Olesk says:

omfg 0:25 look at that one bee like: “MAN DOWN MAN DOWN GET HIM IN HERE QUICK WE NEED A MEDIC”

Crysopholax Pendragon says:

aw the bees tried to save other wounded bees ;-(

Csaba Barta says:

Pearl Harbour

FutureJirachi says:

You aren’t any better if you eat meat, you know. You should look up how cows, chickens etc are treated, it’s even more brutal..

hombrematrix says:

That little bug lookin’ thing just got ate! Damn nature, you scary!

Katherine Gonzales says:

Ok before you make stupid comments you might want to do some studying on where the honey bees have gone. The hornets don’t pollinate the crops, the bees pollinate. So to all you brainy people just what are you going to eat after all the bees have been killed? DUH! now that’s SCARY

Thomas Siewert says:

Fuck monsanto, it’s the fuckin’ hornets!

2008bikey says:

That’s because they are Europeans, not Japanese.

Atlasbr001 says:

They should made a animated 300 movies…with insects “You, what is your profession?” ” I make honey my king” “And you bee, what is your profession?” ” I make wax” “And you?” ” I make the little hexagons” “HORNETS! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?” “BZZZ BZZZZ BZZZZZ” …it would be epic

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