Bee Loving Plants: Plants that Attract Honey Bees

Planting bee loving plants is a great way to increase your vegetable garden, fruit tree and ornamental flower production. I share which plants in my area are…


ThumperLT says:

Staple the bird being to the fence…. makes an excellent trellis for your plants to grow up.

I love growing vitex… but it grows huge!! Like a Bush/tree. So plant it in the ground. It looks so beautiful I would put it in the front yard.

Love your videos!

nocogarden says:

yes vitex is perennial

Alexander Dowding says:

I really enjoyed your video! I am always intrigued to see which plants the bees visit in my garden too. They love my Jade plants (Crassula ovata) and Bitter aloes (Aloe ferox), which both bloom in the middle of winter when there isn’t much else around in the way of flowers. Other plants that I have seen them feeding on are Cape honeysuckle (Tecoma capensis), Gum tree (Eucalyptus) and various Acacia species.

Love bees! They are also desperately in need of our help these days!

LDSPrepper says:

I will have the cuttings at the Montgomery county beekeepers association meeting in July. Go to for more meeting info and location.

davjan4 says:

Bees also LOVE Indian Hawthorne!

Leonard McCalla says:

I also live in the Houston area. Where will you be doing the cuttings? I would like to attend.

Sheila Gilbert says:

Fantastic! I really needed this information. I’m starting from scratch on a new property, and this was next on my list. I’m going to check out the Bee keepers assn. here too. I have got to get the foundation plantings in by the fall, and now I think I can do a lot better than I thought. Wonderful.

LDSPrepper says:

I will have basil cutting at the next beekeepers association meeting.

LDSPrepper says:

You can do cutting any time of the year. You need to make sure the plant gets enough light and the right temperature and nutrients other than that you are good.

LDSPrepper says:

Excellent. Thank you for sharing. I’ll look for some in my area and give it a try.

V5R7N says:

Get some Russian Sage. Drought resistant, heat tolerant, bees hammer it. Great video as usual.

macktrash says:

Can you tell me if you can do cuttings at any time of the year or is there a better time of the year to do it?

GardenHomeandMe says:

Lovely tour of your garden thanx for sharing it with us. jo

sherri99516 says:

excellent tip, passing this on…thank you!

TexasRoadrunners says:

I know my bees all over the coral vine and heather. I will look for the basel. Another great cideo. Thanks!

BarclayTheDevilDog says:

I’m not sure how it would grow in your area, but here in the Northeast (NJ), Vitex (“Chaste Tree”) grows as a woody shrub, something akin to Buddleia (“Butterfly Bush”). You have a beautiful yard — we always enjoy seeing parts of it!!!!

The Productive Garden says:

Great advice there. Attracting bees to your garden not only helps you getting your veges pollinated but also helps the bees to continue their role in the cycle of nature.

RedBerry at Homestead Hopes says:

Great info & some beautiful plants you have. Will have to keep my eye out for some African Blue Basil. Thanks

Rainbow Gardens says:

YES! I have grown African Blue Basil for three years and ALWAYS bees on it…when I lived in Florida – zone 8b, and North Carolina zone 6b.

My all time favorite for bees now is Borage, to help pollinate all of my OP plants. Borage attracts bees mostly for the nectar, I have plenty of other plants which produce lots of pollen.

mikemorrison281 says:

I love the thought that cutting and sharing will bring more blessing and growth…I have tried to find that blue basil all summer and haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

haftafish8780 says:

GREAT INFO in this video I’m going to get some of that African Blue Basil for sure 

sha whit says:

Thank you so much.

k9griffin9 says:

I need to come join the group.

TheJessiboy says:

Myself personally have Allium in my garden the bees are all over it and it,s cool to watch them bring back the purple pollen! it is a relative of onions but is a purple flower with a round head of 100-200 blossoms, it also is a very early spring flower 

B1gHagar says:

Mexican Heather is a Texas Native so it should survive the summers.They can get a little scraggly looking but if you keep them trimmed, they do very well. Don’t be afraid to trim the heck out of the Heather, it’ll come back.

You may want to look at a Lantana. I don’t know if they attract bees, but it’ll flower almost year round. Like the Heather, its native and its invasive.

fistoffries says:

Okay, how do you hold your camera? When I do my videos they are shaky and prone to make my subscribers sea-sick. LOL!

lmulkey2011 says:

I know bee’s are necessary, but they scare me because I am very allergic to them.

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