Ben Franklin : Soylent Green Is People ( If We Do Not Save The Honeybees) !

Here’s The Link To My Blog (I’m Cell Phone / Wi-Fi Free To Save The Honey Bee : ) Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Beware Of The Silence Of The Bees/Save The Honey Bee Save Our Children’s Future) Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Save The Honey Bees Save The World ) Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Bilderberg Elite Love Their Mad Scientist J. Craig Venter : Creator Of Synthetic Organism “Synthia”) Here’s The Link To My Blog ( Lauren Moret : Agenda 21( Land Grab ) Is Part Of Elites Weird Science Project ! ) Here’s Link To My Blog (The Venus Flytrap Project ( The Elites Vision Of No People In Their Mad Science World )


samadamsronzio says:

If The Whole World Really Cares about saving Our Children There it Is as Easy As pumpkin pie ! Breaking The Chains Of Their Control Step By Step and If You Think About It , That’s All The Cell Phone Really Is 🙂 It’s Time To Get this Boycott Revolution Started 🙂 By Go Going BACK ==> To Our Future 🙂 And ))==> FREEDOM 🙂 The New Boston Tea Party Is Dumping The Cell Phones Into The Harbor Of Our Past !

samadamsronzio says:

))==> Word From The BEE HIVE TO KEEP US ALIVE ))==> SO YOU HAVE A CELL PHONE ?? ……. CAN IT ……. AND SAVE THE PLANET ! ! ))===> GO BACK IN TIME , AND GET A LAND LINE 🙂 Just A Simple Peaceful Way To Win A Revolution Against The Insane Clowns That Run Your Town 🙂

samadamsronzio says:

Einstein Gave Us 4 Years To Live Without The Honeybees ! All People Have To Do to Start Saving Our DARK FUTURE IS Toss Their Cell Phones and Wi Fi In The Garbage . I Think You Better Go Listen To This Blog On My Web Site and Pass It To Everyone You Know !

samadamsronzio says:

The following products are manufactured using aborted fetal cells:
All Pepsi soft drinks Sierra Mist soft drinks Mountain Dew Mug root beer Ocean Spray beverages Seattle’s Best Coffee Tazo beverages AMP Energy beverages Aquafina water Aquafina beverages DoubleShot energy Frappuccino bev’s Lipton tea Propel bev’s SoBe Gatorade beverages ALLTropicana juices etc NESTLE PRODUCTS KRAFT CADBURY ADAMS PRODUCTS -VACCINES-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS- LOOK IT UP & YOUR MURDEROUS US FED GOVT KNOWS!

samadamsronzio says:

This Video Could Very Well Be Our Future If People Do Not Listen . The Frightening thing is when I was Doing some research onThe Movie Soylent Green I Found A Comment that Said The Satanic NWO People are already moving forward with turning us into cannibals by using aborted fetal cells in Our Food .That person added products that are manufactured with aborted fetal cells in them , and you Will Be Alarmed Also when I include those in my next Comment . This Video Is True The Honeybees Are Dying

latlanticcityphil says:

Miss you speaking the truth my brother.

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