FLOUR FEEDING Beepollen Substitute Spring Beekeeping Video, Beekeeper John Pluta Georgia Honeybees

EARLY SPRING FLOUR FEEDING Beepollen Substitute Beekeeping Video, Beekeeper John Pluta Georgia Honeybees Queen Buildup Stimulation More Beekeeping Beekeeper …


tony cruz says:

el almidon mata a las abejas, la harina no tiene que tener almidon


is bitter honey good for consumption? if yes what are the benefits

ali özdemir says:

evet mısırdaki gedeo  amerikalıları ne hale getrdi

nrajr says:

Currently wheat is not a GMO product. Hopefully, it never will be. Pollinating GMO field crops (i.e. corn, soy, rape, etc.), has thus far shown no negative impact on bees. Google “CAP Updates: 7”.

Igor Golub says:

disappointing!!!!! he didnt get stung once. i was watching his hand waiting for him to get stung

KcBlues01 says:

So, are you just putting unbleached flower in shallow pans? What else are you adding. Thank you in advance.

I12Cewe says:

See, “Strongs Exahustive Concordence”. If your not familiar with it, it lists every occurance of every biblical word, (i.e. honey), and where it occurs by Chapter and Verse. It even gives the partial contextual sentence for ref. I don’t happen to have it in front of me. But it looks like someone else did the footwork. Agreed it’s probably a gluttony ref, however, many doctors believe excess exposure to wheat many trigger the Celiac responce. See page in this Months Nat. Geo. Mag.

ollie510 says:

do u think GMO flour is bad for bees?

Sean P says:

Hi, hope this helps. Believe its referring to overdoing it or gluttony of honey and not just eating it.
Proverbs 25:27 (KJV)
27 It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory.

truthabacus says:

I will give answering this one a try. Spring pollen helps start the brood production. once the bees find their own pollen supply then the substitute should be removed. The possibility of having wheat in your honey is next to zero. If it gets in there it would be from the beekeeper not the bees. I’m curious where you found the bible passage..I would like to read it myself…hope this answers your questions. Ive studied John Pluta for some time I trust anything he says… awesome beekeeper

johnpluta says:

Wheat only because of cost,SOY is better but hard to find and expensive.

Fazli Krasniqi says:

Is this soya flour or wheat flour thank you

Api Giovanni says:

Albinele inteapa , cainii musca !

Mika Lee says:

flour has about 10% protein and pollen has about 40% protein. Defatted soy flour: 55 % protein. You may want to look into it.. 🙂

Mika Lee says:

Thanks John.. always learning something from you..

Rich Mountains says:

Hello Sir,
Do you use a pollen trap to get your pollen ?
I only have ten hives but would like to learn how to use the sand for now in lieu of the pollen.
Thank you in advance of your reply

richiieriich says:

what wax should I look for to dip my bee box in

hawkechik says:

Here’s a thought. If it’s the protein content you’re after, bread flour usually has a higher protein content, some more than others. I suspect even the bulk bread flour you can get from a warehouse store (Sam’s or Costco) would be higher than normal AP (all-purpose) flour.

I12Cewe says:

There are gluten free flours available for about the same cost. That dosen’t solve the wheat field problem but it might lower any residuals this causes that could concern customers.

I12Cewe says:

Ok, here’s food for thought. I thought about this after seeing Winter Wheat in a field near my hives. I have Celiac desease and have to avoid Wheat, Rye, and Barley (I cry a little on that one – Beer), like the plague. It takes very little to set off an immune response in me. The bible mentions to much honey can make the stomach bitter. Is it possible the amount of wheat gluten protein in honey is high enough to cause a responce? Possible it should be labled with an allergen warning?

Le Papiculteur says:

thanx for posting

james howlett says:

Hi John, are you mixing the Flower with just pollen substitute and if so which substitute do you use?

BennybumfIuff says:

Have you ever been bitten?

Terry O'Bryan says:

You mentioned about mixing sand with the flour. Is that all that is needed to attract them for utilization?

chandra dasa says:

Please if you can one more time ,I need to know is unbleached flour and add crushed pollen,what if I do not have pollem from my beeshives,can I buy pollen from dadant bee supply or can I just use the flour you mentioned.I am small beekeeper with 7 hives here in Alachua north central Florida.

The777honeybee says:

Happy new year from England. This and your other videos are a refreshing alternative to what you normally see. Keep up the good work and I hope that your season is a good one (unlike the one we have just experienced here in Oxfordshire and the rest of the UK). All the best.

paprna says:

Is it really pollen? It would be better if it was pollen in hive in autumn?

Megahs2010 says:

Thanks John for the new video it’s been long time

Misha Gray says:

Great video John, I love it! You have white bees flying around after all that! LOL! Very useful.

Chromis09 says:

Great to see your videos again!!

Keep on keeping on!

From Down under……

Blair White says:

Thanks SO much for all the info.! Will be definitly useful! Glad to see you back!

tappakeggaday1 says:

I’m glad to see you back on here as well Mr. Pluta, I really learn a lot watching your videos and I look forward to seeing even more of them. Can you make a video showing when is the right time to add a honey super to your hive body?I’m not really seeing a lot of videos on that. Take care

Greg connell says:

Glad to see you back on

johnpluta says:

The main reason for this method is 5 minutes for a large bee yard. I’ve gotten away from Pollen patties inside because SMALL HIVE BEETLES Love them to.

johnpluta says:

You can also use corn meal,almost any ground up cereal or potato chips as an edible base. Or coarse sand or small gravel, The TRICK is to do it before real pollen starts for build up. Once real pollen starts visits drop off big time.

Denis kaiyumi says:

Thx Rex

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