Free Honeybees for new Beekeeper

If you are up to making some phone calls and/or some leg work, you can most likely get a swarm of honeybees free. To watch me hive a swarm, go to http://yout…


WallsBeeMan says:

I’m 70 and when I was young and loved bees, some old timers helped me. I really do think that most beekeepers want & will help beginners if they can.
I wish you well. tim sr.

TheSlickery says:

You must be a real nice person to help people out with the bees.This world needs more people like you .I have a lot of respect for you.Keep up the good work.

WallsBeeMan says:

I love it when someone tries something outside the box. Just doing something because that’s how it’s been done doesn’t teach us anything tim sr.

NH Beekeeper says:

Interesting video. I take the cleats out, put the frames together, glue the cleats back in standing up and I’m done. My medium frames, I ordered grooved frames by mistake, I’m gluing popsicle sticks into the grove to give the bees a guide to build on.
I gave you a thumbs up for a great detailed video for people that want to go that route.
I’ve seen a lot of your videos and learned a lot before I got my hives.

WallsBeeMan says:

Thank you for your comments. Good luck on your bees & help you have a question, please let me know. I won’t we able to answer until the end of next week tim sr.

Craig Ward says:

I liked the video,I’m from Tennessee and I’m new to bee keeping as I got the grant for starter kit and just put my bees in the hive earlier today and it seemed to have went great! Those frames looked really nice as mine are only 8 frame and 2 brood chambers and not sure yet if I’ll need a super this year but I plan to get another hive or three in case I locate a swarm. Thanks for the video info!

WallsBeeMan says:

Hey Sean. Sorry but didn’tt understand question #1. If your asking about wiring the foundation in the brood frames. We do use metal wire so we can heat the wire and slightly embed the wire into the foundation.
#2. We do use 2 deep brood boxes for the brood chamber. We rotate them periodically. Since we do comb honey only, we use the shallows for the honey supers. For winter, we leave only the 2 deep brood chambers. They will have a lot of honey in them at that time. good luck, Tim sr.

Sean P says:

Thank you Tim for the insight and teaching. Im one of your fans for awhile now from Montana.I had a few questions if you could assist me.

Do you use fishing line instead for the supers?
Do you use two brood boxes per hive and then supers or how do you do it?
How many supers of honey do you like to leave on the hive for winter, I should probably use one more being in Montana?

Thank you Tim : )

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