Gunther Hauk on Saving the Honey Bee

Gunther Hauk is the co-founder of Spikenard Farm, a biodynamic and organic honey bee sanctuary. In this video he describes some of the problems facing our ho…


GlenGH says:

Thanks Gunther for spreading the word and for taking such a great interest in our natural friends.

Westernwilson says:

Thankyou for this lovely video, looking forward to more information on sustainable beekeeping from Gunther and Spikenard Farms!

Westernwilson says:

For those who are frightened of bees but want to keep them, there are wonderful full coverage bee suits you can wear. Inside that suit you are completely safe from stings.

Rose Marie Raccioppi says:

Such beauty lived, known and deeply held in reverence. Thank you for nature’s celebration.

aric5550 says:

I saw Gunther Hauk in Queen of the Sun earlier this – great documentary. I’m looking to get a beehive in my backyard now.

LauraBeachnut says:

I wish I were not so nervous around bees.
They are really beautiful

lachase1 says:


vidallan1 says:

Wise man 🙂

lostvelu pillai says:

nice work! plees post more videos about bees!!

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