Hiving A Swarm Of Honeybees Into A Log Hive

Hiving a swarm of honeybees into a log is probably not a good idea if you are expecting to harvest the honey. But I cut this swarm out of a pine tree and hived them in a log hollow to show that it can be done.


DixieGirl9876 says:

Neat,my great-grandfather had a bee yard just so,all in hollow logs,up to a hundred hives,supplement his income that way.I wouldn’t want to do it that way,but it can be done.

Cheguebuddha says:

What I did is next; same situation a swarm 5-6 meters up in the tree. I took a willow basket with me which is very light weight. Once I’ve climbed under the cluster I held the basket under it and shook the bees which fell readily into it (yes I got 5 stings). Went down the tree very fast and put a lid onto the the basket making sure bees can fly in and out of it. Once all bees settled in I placed them into my hTBH. No reason cutting the branch. I just got a hollow log from a friend today

rainbowsalads says:

Will you take their honey too?

Super1builder says:

Nice swarm! It may be beneficial in the future to remove all the unneccesary branches an leave just the swarm. Makes it a whole lot easier to work the swarm.

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