Japanese honeybees

Japanese honeybees attack a hornet.


kwamera says:

how can evolution explain this? how did the bees suddenly get the idea to surround the hornet? i actually don’t believe in a creator, but things like this are too awesome to make me know what i should believe!

Jeong-hun Sin says:

If God made the bees to do those attack, the bees are not great. They are just following god’s instructions.
If the bees have developed this by evolution, kudos to those little bees! Well fought!

Jeong-hun Sin says:

Creation? Why the good god create this ferocious war between bees in the first place?

MrThebatman84 says:

Evolution? Whatever. More like Creation is amazing.

josephtan1818 says:

now there’s 2 type of honey bees that kill hornet before too late, a japanese bees and a subspecies of european bees from cyprus(aka cyprian honey bees). since their cyprian counterpart couldn’t generate that heat, the cyprian bees choke the hornet to death!!!

Popcultureguy3000 says:

It’s people like you who gave America the dreaded Cutter fish otherwise known as “fishzilla”! Stop destroying our countries environment by selling dumbasses with eBay accounts invasive species they can never hope to control!

SpringSamurai says:

Stop masturbating then

batsman46 says:

Supra Gaming anyone?

vietkid4life253 says:

well! japanese are known for sneak attacks and stuff!(not trying to be racist btw). haha it runs in the japanese blood!.

alsfqa says:

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Cool…what are the bees going to do if say…5-10 hornets come in?? Massacre?

satodagr says:

My hand got really hot watching this.

DreamingCDtranform says:


EGRJ says:


HenryNguyen123 says:

Even the bees are ninja 😮

1NX9 says:

I wonder what Japanese honey tastes like? hymmm?

boboDaKilla says:

oh I just brought some there

richberg says:

the optimus prime voice over made this all the more cool!

yourulestube says:

Everything is much more intelligent in Japan…and yes a swarm of those hornets could probably take down the hive, but the bees won’t let that happen because they’ll quickly take care of that one hornet that seeks out the hive. If the hornets were smart, they’d all attack the hive at once.

FirstName LastName says:

rofl so what they are saying is that the bees can take 118 degrees and the hornets can take 115. Wow… Abit risky? Maybe?

ZBeckx says:

Finally, these bees aren’t going to take the hornet’s shit anymore.

xxxRCT3FREAKxxx says:

no they do

Jules Fogarty says:


bud389 says:

realisticaly, a regiment of hornets could kill all those honeybees.

bud389 says:

realisticaly, a regiment of hornets could kill all those joneybees.

samuraimax5 says:

Bees are better zombies…

AB209 says:

Of course they do! Because they don’t have to worry about Giant Hornets in Europe 😛

lol392 says:


cptparmenter13 says:

Unlike the European honey bee, who simply stand there an tactical columbs and take it, The JAPANESE honey bee waits till the hornet is close and then at once they Bonzai him. I like this strategy better 🙂

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