What Honeybees Can Teach Us About Democracy

Hank fills us in on the democratic ways of the honeybee and makes a request for more interpretive dance in our own political systems. Like SciShow: www.facebook.com Follow SciShow: www.twitter.com References www.npr.org www.youtube.com www.watchknowlearn.org scishow, science, election, democracy, hank green, honeybee, beehive, nature, summer, queen, colony, worker, relocate, vote, voting, monarchy, decision, hive, crowded, swarm, swarming, home, sting, stinging, scout, search, tree cavity, measurement, waggle dance, bee, site, dance, study, research, nest, success, participation, interpretive dance


marcos gonzalez says:

That is a funny image. Thank you… I have the weirdest image stuck in my head now and its awesome!

peas320 says:

Were the windscreen wipers on?

robbob1866 says:

I always thought Bees were amazing, but wow!

tech3158 says:

my uncle hit a flying swarm with his car…..let’s just say it was a mess

Ryan Mcentee says:

The hive looks like an upside down elephant clinging to the branch 🙂

puppysfurme says:

Thank you, Hank, for 2:53-2:55. 😀 That brought a huge smile to my face and improved an otherwise not-so-great day. ^u^
Those two seconds need to be gif’ed, stat. XD

Guillermo Garcia Viesca says:

Cannot unsee now

SwirlyGoRound says:

2:53 I can’t be the only one that’s reminded of Sid from Ice Age.

Matthew Lewis says:

unlike bees our system is rigged and fixed by the senant

Sara Janzen says:

Hank, I see that ring on your finger but that dance solidified it, I love you man.

trevor8930 says:

In Canada, every party has a corresponding dance; to vote liberal you do the YMCA, to vote conservative you do the chicken dance and to vote for the NDP you do Gangnam style. 😛

FromTheYear1991 says:

Lol I just imagine a shit load of Canadians all flooding out of their homes and bunching up on a giant tree branch somewhere and discussing what their next move will be.

trevor8930 says:

yes! lol

chickenshieee says:

loved the dance in the end 😛

chickenshieee says:

loved the dance in the end 😛

LadyLatias says:

… By dancing?

ThatSpiffingChap says:

This is how every voting should be, especially in important and potentially controversial decisions. In the case of these decisions I think everyone legible to vote should get a say in the decisions that are really important. We’re smarter than bees so why can’t we do this system but better? Or rather why can’t we at least do this system at the moment in the majority of countries? (btw this gives me even more reason for liking bees. Best insect!).

thebrainnugget says:

We have a few more, but there’s only Democrats and Republicans that actually get all the attention.

Armand Lamoureux says:

Excellent conclusion in reference to politicians!

aznll3lade says:

I see a gif in the making

hedgehog3180 says:

This is the debates the candidats are here now dance!

verdigo1 says:

I lost it too xD

MrLunaV says:


CO2Junkie says:

Peer review for the win.

truthinthesky says:

2:54…. bwahahahhahaahhaha LOOOL XD!!!

zenthex1234 says:

interpretive dancing huh? diarrhea: flows like a river.

Niki Herl says:

To me as a European, it is do strange that America just has 2 parties… It’s so weird!

NexusARC says:

2:54, must have been a horrid nesting site.

100binuda says:

Let’s waggle for politics…

rubenpataslocas says:

1:45 wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah….

vancity01 says:

isn’t the united states of America a Republic?

Tobie Allen II says:

Pssh Nerds. Gotta love them!

beebeeisland says:

How about ants?

lucklessluke says:

voting/campaigning through interpretive dance… interesting…

EverybodyQuins says:

i liked it just for the dance lol

longliverocknroll5 says:

As the son of a professional beekeeper, this is very interesting and one of the few things I haven’t yet learned about bees. Good job!

nathanexplosion94 says:

1:13 thats what she said

shbehalghaim says:

There is one chapter in holy Quraan talking about bees ..

powwow151 says:

now with a soundtrack

trevor8930 says:

this is how we vote in Canada

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