BBC Natural World – Queen of the Savannah [HD]

The queen African honeybee rules the savannah – even elephants panic at the buzzing of her hive. This recreates the life of the queen and her colony as they …


Tom6093 says:

That would be mutiny .

Tom6093 says:

” They will try to tae it from you” ” They will try to take the honey”

Queen-  ” We are not lazy European bees , who kiss the ass of they’re bee keepers.”

” My loyal Colony will fight to the death to protect it. ”

” Yeah, you stung Tom6093 to death for no reason what so ever. ”

” He was playing Dave Mathews Music. He deserved to die ”

” He wasn’t even close to the nest”

” Doesn’t matter, I HATE DAVE MATHEWS “

Tom6093 says:

I had a bee land on me the other day. I was close to it’s nest, so I let the bee walk up my arm and it had a 6 inch flight back it’s colony.

Charan K says:

really should check out this video clips before going on a holiday

littl3soprano says:

The way the bees gain a safe hive, and the fact they keep away the elephants, is a fascinating harmony between man and bee.

littl3soprano says:

Its incredible the relationship between the farmer and the bees. That was the most impressive part of the documentary to me.

Kitsune Aitsuki says:

Mmm, she sort of is. A lavished upon slave though. But both ants and bees will tear their queen apart and kill her if they sense any form of weakness in her. Especially bees, who all have the potential to lay eggs, but their drive is suppressed by the queen’s pheromones and the enforcer bees. If the queen isn’t laying eggs, she’s useless…. so they’ll usually kill her and get a new queen.

Jrubens Jose says:

Isso é tão extraordinário… seres vivos em constante mudança pela sobrevivência

HeavyMetalMushrooms says:

Right, because everyone in an urban setting should start an apiary…What could possibly go wrong…

irfan arif says:

should sit back and watch this video clips before heading on a journey

Sean Wilson says:

To quote Chuck Palahniuk: “Worker bees can leave, even drones can fly away. The Queen is their slave”

Katelyn Myrskog says:

Makes you think twice about squashing that bee flying around you doesnt it

ThaDrag IV says:

sorry i like beef.

gus15thepiggy says:

48:04 “they need new slave to lay their eggs” -I thought the queen be was a queen not a slave!

Boyson Boipelo Mokone says:

This docu is amazing!Big ups to the guys who did this marvelous job!Patience does it all!

John Ferguson says:

I think honey bees are my favorite insect ever, even the more aggressive Africanized honey bee. I feel I have a new found respect for bees, they work hard, pollinate fruits, vegetables, and flowers, and only attack to protect their storage of honey. I like them much more than ants, despite the similarities, xD

Sam Pink says:

32 elephants disliked this video….

Heather Smith says:

Really interesting documentary. I learned quite a bit. Very ingenious that the farmer put bee colonies all around the area to protect his crops from elephants. Great idea.

Stalley75 says:

Sounds great any everything, maybe i’ll invest in bee keeping, but i’m afraid of getting stung thousands of times

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schmillo says:

Beautiful documetary. Unfortuntaley the anthropological prespective of this film skews the balance of power within the hive towards the queen. All bee biologist nowadays agree, that it is the workers that have all the power within the hive. The “queen” is merley a machine for reproduction and all deciscions for the benifit of the hive are taken by the workers!

Leananshae says:

Bees are awesome! Taking care of them takes care of us!

damras88 says:

i came across a Kikuyu in the Mara !

Avic7 says:

There can only be one.

muchira njau says:

what on earth is a “Turkana Tribes man” doing near mt kenya!!!!? great documentary though.

RaaroVision says:

That would be great if I wasn’t entophobic. 

DudeOfX says:

Savannah — what a beautiful name 🙂

TheGoodNewsforall says:

Please kindly see thewarningsecondcoming dotcom

BlackIDove says:

I agree, unfortunately not everyone has room for an apiary.

hoi polloi says:

911  bbc 911 bbc

hoi polloi says:

the internet was the escape from the bbc,and then they put their progs on without asking us,and now your paying for it

Ana Pais says:

we have to do it!

MrZambezi10 says:

love it

KZ2012Xanto says:

Sehr gut Dokumentation über die wichtigen Honigbienen. Danke

sinbadbuddha says:

I really hate the dramatisation, queen bees are not ‘rulers’ lol

pookstersister says:

she sounds like a young attenborogh

pookstersister says:


MukeshPandya1985 says:

i muted the commentary and played this over it instead


Imhighandhungry says:

yep ur mad

t4705mb6 says:

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Imhighandhungry says:

are you mad bro?

t4705mb6 says:

You’ll have to make a more literate comment. I’m not able to decipher your message. Spell check might be of assistance.

Imhighandhungry says:

your supost to end it with, are you mad bro?

jamiebetts2007 says:

the hyperbolic commentary ruin an otherwise great documentary

reihh says:

what a stupid lotr shot

Dryzaum says:

They say vw is das auto. Well BBC is das channel.^^

ericsbuds says:

I love insect documentaries but when I watch I always feel like something is crawling on me, especially during close ups lol

Joseph Manuel says:

what a brilliant documentary_stunning_awesome_ mind boggling_ Only BBC can make such a documentary, with such captivating photography Thank you for the upLoad_

Hanlu Cao says:

wow… the shots for the bee-eater are incredible

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