BEEKEEPING MAKING YOUR OWN QUEENS Thanks for watching another Long Lane Honey Bee Farms video and today we’ll follow a frame of grafts for new queens.


ilusjon says:

Since they can smell that they don’t have a queen, they will create special cells and feed the larva within them allot more which triggers those larva to develop as queens, these are the same larva that would make “workers” its just the amount of food that decides what they develop into. But the breeders need to be careful and work fast, because as the queens will kill each other as soon as they manage to get out of their cells, so its a race for the new queens.

ilusjon says:

Love the way you handle them 😉 Nice video…

Jeff Howell says:

How do the bees know to make queen cells out of these?

sambee bees says:

loutfi apiculture says:

thank u

David Trees says:

Without sounding cynical… A comment below that you make is the you breed quietness into bees? How? They are not animals like dogs or monkeys? Again, I am intrigued not cynical… I hope you please sir.

Jamie Hume says:

I love bees. I used to have a porch surrounded by Nanking Cherries and there were all different kinds of pollinators used to come there. I would just sit quietly and even talk to them. It was awesome. I havve no fear of bees, only respect.
When I was a kid, I went running out my front door onto our deck and accidentally stepped on a huge Bumble Bee. It was a low moment for me. The bee understandably stung me and the stinger was out of it and into my foot. More upset about the bee than me.

AffordBindEquipment says:

Loved the background music. Heavey metal and the bees would have gotten real mad and stung the guy like crazy : >)

Larry Golden says:

So far I have enjoyed your videos, however the background music needs to go…please! I just started my hive last week.

Darren Heine says:

i would be screaming.. like ahhh get off me beees!!

dreakheart says:

i love these bee´s their so peace full

NZbees says:

um i was woundering when u start grafting ?

gale gregory says:

will thy make a come back ??

vhinz1118 says:

coz they dont have corrup politicians in bee colony unlike in our society.

MercuryHatred says:

You sir, have balls of steel

Nipde says:

They like to be tickled.

boxa888 says:

are the grafts just regular bees wax with a bee larvae in it? and they take it from there, i tried to make the bees make a queen cell. they actually made one at the bottom of a frame, it was neat, but i didnt give them enough safety from the ants, and the ants really taxed the energy from the hive, and it failed.

David Burns says:

Bees can sense fear so be calm and slow and gentle movements. Always work bees as in slow motion. Plus, we are queen producers and one of the qualities we breed into our bees in gentleness as you have observed.

calbaking says:

how do u not get stung handling them like that?!?!

willesdon says:

xcellent work!!

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