Honey Bee Swarm With Virgin Queen

Swarm Of Honey Bees with virgin queen.


Victor Fursov says:

Thank you for funny and educational video. Best greetings from beekeepers
in Ukraine! :)

Monster man says:

a low population of bees a large influx of bees will do the trick

TetleyBBB says:

Hey JP – I saw on your BUD5 video that one of the guys used a 5-gallon
bucket on a pool-pole to shake a swarm that was high up in a tree. You
ever tried it? You think it might’ve helped in a situation like this?
Thanks for the great videos!!

james auger says:

You could open the “JB honey Shop”

Rurutoa Maoate says:

Ok thank you JP


JP, I see you finally got someone to pick them up. Another great video. JD’

Rurutoa Maoate says:

JP how do you know when not to where protective gear when working with

426 SUPER BEE says:

Next time use a shot gun and shoot the branch down, use some 00 buck shot,
What i use to trim down limb

yourticketstogo says:

interesting ! how do you know the queen went in ?

tsali1940 says:

Novel idea~ video of barking dog!!!

sphinn22 says:

silence that dog

TestTheAcid says:

JP you’re crazy man!!!

Klasniedryg says:

I tie a string to the branch and then cut it with extended saw. then lower
it down.

Kryochrysalis says:

JP you are the bee host w/ the mostest, inspire everytime, a BIG HIGH 5^ &
keep up the beetastique rescues!

Super1builder says:

JP you should try tinging them! Another fine video JP. BTW, still waiting
for that shout out to the HONEY B GUYS here in MI. If you would be so kind

Tim Perkins says:

I love how you educate the people about the bees you are removing.

JPthebeeman says:

Thank You Tim Perkins! …JP

honeybeesinjapan says:

JP you are the Michelangelo of swarm catchers. Great job!

Klasniedryg says:

I like how you engage the people. Good job! too many people are afraid of
bees. I am still trying to convince my neighbors that they are nice 🙂

richard pickett says:

nice work jp and nice to see you informing people about swarms 🙂

MyWildlifeVideos says:

I’m enjoying all of your excellent videos, thank you so much!

Physicsgoose says:

Great vid, but shoot that dog first next time lol

Life Migerk says:

good job JP!

Radwoem says:

I love your queen cages! Where do you get those?

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