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Enjoy! If you are scared of bees, don't watch this! I finally decided to invest in a couple beekeepi [...]
The collapse of bee colonies in Britain is damaging the honey market. [...]
Campaigners slam government for not banning a chemical some say harms bees. [...]
Backwards Beekeeping guru Kirk Anderson (aka Kirkobeeo) takes honey from two of his hives--one of wh [...]
Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers Association presents: Beekeeping Basics 101. On Saturday Jan. 5, 201 [...]
Pollen and honey plants for bees Bee farming [...]
Found very good looking Queen in one hive and another hive raising several new Queen cells www.durha [...]
mudsongs.org Making cut comb and bottling honey from our last five foundationless honey frames of 20 [...]
mudsongs.org Walking through the field behind our house to see if I can spot any of our honey bees o [...]
This is one way how to light a smoker with paper, branches and pine needles. The smoker is what calm [...]
Today we participated in an Irish honey bee hive inspection lecture and demonstration sponsored by t [...]
Everybody talks about the dying of the bees. "More than Honey" talks about their lives. And about ou [...]
Extracting honey from honeycomb with Phillip, a professional beekeeper from raineshoneyfarm.com. [...]
I was called today, June 22, 2007, to remove this feral colony of honey bees from a grape arbor at a [...]
I show you a yellow jacket (predator) eating a bee! And You see the Fabulous Urban Green Bee hives! [...]