Beekeeping Beginners – Ten Reasons to Begin Beekeeping

Beekeeping Beginners – Ten Reasons to Begin Beekeeping

Article by Bill Rutherfurd

Perhaps you are wondering about whether to start beekeeping. But you are not sure. All those hours in the office are wearing you down. You notice that when you go to the beach or to a farm you can really relax. So you have been thinking lately that you would like to spend more time in the outdoors; maybe even most of your weekends. You have been trying to think of a hobby and a little voice somewhere said beekeeping. You are not sure why. It might be that you saw a film like The Secret Life of Bees, and it left an impression on you.

Beekeeping beginners wanting reasons to start beekeeping should read this List of Ten:

1. Beekeeping beginners will satisfy their need to know more about beekeeping

If you are reading this you have an interest in beekeeping. If you try beekeeping you may become fascinated with bees, and this will lead to rewarding changes in your life.

2. Beekeeping beginners can sell their honey

As you progress beyond the beekeeping beginners’ level you will begin to make some money. As your understanding deepens you will begin to see opportunities. Your hobby may mean a good second income. It may become a full time occupation!

3. Beekeeping beginners can give presents of bee products to friends

If you are like me, you cannot think of anything to give friends for birthdays or at Christmas. Honey is something that most people use. It is a gift that represents your hard work. This gives your present of honey an added meaning for you and your friends.

4. Beekeeping beginners will re-connect with nature by doing something outdoors with their hands

You probably have experienced how nature can regenerate you. It slows your mind down. You become more aware of your surroundings. You can smell the trees, the flowers, and the grasses. You can feel the sea and the wind. Beekeeping brings you back to your self.

5. Beekeeping beginners will help pollinate flowers

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) has made an enormous impact on bee numbers around the world. The human food supply has been affected. If you are community-minded you will get satisfaction knowing your bees are helping the food supply through pollination.

6. Beekeeping beginners will be responsible for living things

You may be aware of how caring for a pet; a dog or a cat, makes you happier. Bees, unlike cats and dogs, cannot be cuddled and are not cute, but they will require care!

7. Beekeeping beginners will meet other beekeepers

Beekeepers are a different breed who are fiercely independent. They are very focused production and they are usually very active. You will learn about them and they will hopefully tell you some beekeeping tricks and short cuts! You could also gain a new social network.

8. You will find out if beekeeping commercially is an option

As a beekeeping beginners you will know quickly if you are meant to be a beekeeper. You will know in a few months. If it is not for you, have no regrets. But if you love it, you will be able to follow your passion!

9. Beginning beekeepers can educate others. For instance, children

If you have children they will gain an appreciation for nature and a knowledge of at least one way of getting food from nature. They will know that honey is not grown on a supermarket shelf! The value of this to a child is immense.

10. You will be able to apply your beekeeping beginners knowledge in your life

Your understanding of bee organization my help you in your own life. You will see the ruthlessness of nature. You will see the beauty of nature’s design. There are always ways to take what you have learned from nature and use it in your work or daily life.

These Ten Reasons, hopefully, have convinced you or inspired you to start a brand new chapter in your life!

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